Worst Fears Come True
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

April 20, 2015

There is evil in the world.

Yes, I know there are those, even those in great danger, who prefer not to focus on this.

My goal is not to use "scare tactics" to get people into Krav Maga classes, no, not at all. My goal is simply to wake people up to see reality, in all aspects of their lives.

Now I have heard the counter argument and I do recognize its merits.  Some have argued that living in a fantasy world is a much happier life. Indeed they may be correct. Life is a gamble. You can train your entire life for the worst possible scenarios: rape, home invasion, brutal attacks, war and then...you live a rich full life and nothing ever happens.

Was all your training a waste?

Some feel that by "giving in to fear" we are handing the bad guys a victory.


Well the baddest guy of all time, Hitler, held a different opinion. He knew that most people simply do not want to live with "bad stuff" and thus they chose to ignore it. He counted on this.

But he was not simply thinking go light minded teenagers, he was focusing on world leaders.

He knew that most nations and their leaders would choose to believe the sweet words of appeasement rather than study the harsh actions that were taking place.

Indeed it is truly amazing that mere words and our desire to believe them can blind us to actual actions.

Germany was rearming. Germany was breaking every provision of the Versailles treaty, it was arming the Rhineland, its new soldiers were goosestepping across the country and calling it "exercise" and the world believed them?


Hitler wrote in his private notes that human nature is the people refuse to fact up to "our worst fears".

Now when an individual does that, it is bad. But when a national leader does it - he is taking the entire country down with him. In the the case of Hitler the world leaders were taking down not only their own countries but a great deal of the world.

Hitler made told people what they wanted to hear, and they believed him.

First he won over his own people, and then he hypnotized the worlds' greatest leaders, from the UK to the USA to the USSR, all fell in his trap.

What a fool believes. 

Simply put we refuse to face our worst possible fears.

Yes, a fantasy life can be fun, until it crashes on the shores of reality. It may not happen to you specifically, but if all of us live this way then pretty soon a Hitler or a Stalin will be running our lives. Or should I say ruining our lives.

Soon all freedom will be lost and Fantasy Island will be a thing of the past.

We have no choice.

The bad guys count on the desire of simpletons to crave the fantasy life. That is the choice they want you to make. Their worst fear is a well prepared population.

We see the Krav Maga attitude as the solution. Krav Maga, hand to hand self defense, is only part of the solution. But the attitude must govern all aspects of our lives.

With our homes - we must not be naive, as we speak someone is likely casing our home, yes, it happened to me.

Our cars - Someone wants to steal our car, someone wants to hijack our car.

Driving our Cars - Assume the other drivers are bad guys.

Government - Vote for a government that is not naive as to the intentions of the enemies.

Just remember, Hitler wrote down his thoughts, the world leaders would refuse to face their worst possible fears...and this made all his evil plans possible. His evil plans became the nightmare of most of the world's population.

All those who chose to ignore him - now had to face him.

I do not think there is any man in history who has had so much written about him. The world tried to ignore him and now they must study him.

We cannot ignore our worst possible fears, and that is what IKI Krav Maga is all about. That is why all questions from our members will be addressed. That is why we are content, we never say "Good enough".

We will never say; no need to work hard for now, we are good where we are. No!

We will never say, no more need for investing time and money, leave well enough alone, No. Never.

We will face our worst fears, no matter how unpleasant they are.

We will learn from history.

In the past the world refused to open their eyes, instead Hitler opened the gates of Hell.

Final Note

For those who think the world is "basically a safe place", think again, please.

Go on Youtube and look for "alternate views" on World War Two. You will find many, many who wish that Germany had won that war. You will find many who still follow that ideology and who truly embrace the contorted view that "The Jews are our misfortune" and that democracy is evil.

You will find people who still justify the German attack on the civilized world. Yes, it is all there. Now just give those haters the right political and economic climate and they can rise again.

Do not be afraid to face your worse possible fears. If you fear the truth, you are more likely to have to face it, but not under the best terms.

Remember when Hitler joined the German Workers Party there were only 25 members.

Who would have thought they would cause 60 million deaths.

Is the Fantasy life still a viable option?

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