IKI Krav Maga Yellow Belt Suggested Requirements

  • Basic Kicks

    knee kick

•    Basic Punches
    upper cut
    elbow strike
    Palm strike

•    Break Falling

Learning how to fall and roll without getting hurt

   Basic break fall from throws
   Basic rolling from kneeling position

Combative Defenses

Defense vs punch

Release from chokes and grabs

•    Release from Grips
Hand Grabs:
 Single hand grabs
    Straight hand grab
    cross hand grab

Two wrist grab
Two hands grab one
Grab while walking away
Rear grab

•    Release from Choke
    Release from static front coke; Two hand choke from Front
    Release from static Rear Choke;Two hand choke from Back
 Two hand choke from Side
Shirt grabs

Release from bear-hugs, front and back

Weapon Disarms

At this stage the student should familiar with the basics of gun and knife disarms.

Knife Threats - Basic horizontal and vertical threats as shown in the DVD "Knife Threats"

Knife Attacks -
Basic overhand "ice pick" type attack - Student should learn the basic block with a forward motion, and with a block and disengage motion.

Straight thrust to the stomach

Gun Disarm -
Gun to forehead: arms length distance, touching distance
Gun pointed at the lower back

Gun to Stomach: Distance, Touching