You Are The Hope
By Moshe Katz

November 2, 2013

On Tour, USA. American Airlines flight 2, LAX- JFK,

Coffee served...not bad at all. 

I was not in the best of spirits, leaving my brother behind in the hospital. Megan at the American Airline desk is dressed up today for Halloween and looked very cute. She told me she is dressed as Marie Antoinette, whom she says was not as bad as people think. She gets me my aisle seat, feeling a little better.

I am sitting next to a lovely woman from Denmark, and her story will be the topic of another blog, God Willing. 

Gary Hodges Jr. IKI Krav Maga Second dan, and works in the emergency medical field, helping people with emergency help and Krav Maga.

Having spent the past few days at Kaiser Permanente I spent plenty of time walking through the hallways, the elevators, the entrance and lobby. Many signs caught my attention as I nervously walked by; signs of hope, of optimism, of positive thinking, inspiration. And trust me we need it. When a loved one is lying helplessly in a hospital bed hope is the only thought we have. We hope and pray, this our daily lot. Hope, pray, and speak to the medical staff.

So the hospital is filled with Hope, and kindness. 

Near the elevator I see something like,..."You are the hope."

and this resonates with me, with my Krav Maga teachings, with my approach to life. We must be our own hope . We must be proactive in our lives. Of course no man is an island and no man can survive alone. As my dear brother lies in his bed he is dependent on the kindness of family, friends, community and hospital staff. each and every one of us is vital.

Success is dependent upon the individual and the team. I think of all the devoted doctors, RNs, CNAs, PTs, OTs, orderlies, and everyone at the hospital. Each and every one the adds a smile, a word of kindness and their professional expertise.

My sister - in- law is an RN, Registered Nurse. I think of how long and hard she worked towards that goal, the years of study. Always with a huge medical book in front of her, always reading, learning and then the proud day when she became an RN.

How proud we all were, and are!

At Kaiser I meet the staff, from all over the world.

China, Japan, Iran, the Philippines, Mexico, Haiti; each one becomes the Hope. Each one began with a dream, like my sister-in-law, a dream to become something better and each has become the Hope; the hope for my dear brother, the hope for all of us.

When the nurse enters the room I am reminded of my sister-in-law and how much hard work went into becoming a nurse, an RN, and I am grateful and appreciative.

You are the Hope. Everyday we must strive to make ourselves better, stronger. We need to eat right, exercise, avoid bad habits.

So if we are out of shape, we begin with one single push-up. We humbly get down to the ground, down on the floor, as low as we can go and then we literally push ourselves up off the ground, one step at a time. One small step forward. We push ourselves forward with sheer determination.

You are the Hope, you must train your mind and body to defend yourself against disease and against criminals and terrorists. the Hope begins with us but also depends on us being part of the community. As the Talmud says, "If I am not for myself - who is for me. But if I am only for myself - what am I? and if not now, when?"

Lets do it!