Krav Maga Old City Jerusalem

Roof Top Krav Maga

There is a small group of students I train once a week, for one hour, on a roof top in Jerusalem over looking the Old City of Jerusalem. The Old City, divided into four quarters; Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Armenian, has known its share of trouble. Perhaps the most holy place on earth, it has known its share of stabbings and violent attacks.

My students are four members of one family; a father and three grown sons. To me they represent the real Krav Maga.

Why? Because they are busy family men, they have no goals in terms of tournaments, trophies, belts, skill level or ego. They live in the Old City and feel a need to protect themselves. They work hard at their jobs and only have one hour a week to train. They do not look like professional fighters as this is not the focus of their lives. They are religious men, just trying to make a living and live a Godly life in this holy yet troubled land.

This one hour is dear to them. They change from their business outfits into workout clothing and give it their all for one hour. We do not aim to learn many techniques. We only learn those techniques they are most likely to need in their daily lives. This is what makes it real. They are real people learning the skills they need to survive.

We practice scenarios that they might encounter; attacks in narrow spaces, or group violence.

The Old City has many narrow spaces

We review the basics again new." That is not what true martial arts are about. No one tries to outdo another; there is no ego involved; this is true martial arts. No one in concerned with rank or title, this is true Krav Maga.

Sometimes we practice on the roof, sometimes in the park, either way they give it their all for exactly one hour each week. I never feel a need to entertain them; I never feel a need to impress them with fancy techniques.

How rare and refreshing to see real martial arts. I am sure they do not consider themselves real martial artists, an inspiration to others or worthy of being the topic of a blog, but they are.