Can I Impress You?
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 21, 2015, Israel

I recall a conversation with one of the leading Counter -Terrorist fighters in Israel, a truly great man, a man I am proud to call a friend. We were discussing the Krav Maga world and the difficulty in working with people. He made the following observation.

"Moshe, when you are working with people in this field; any combat or fighting related field, you are dealing with egos, huge egos. It is very difficult to manage these people. The macho factor is greatly exaggerated with these people. 

How right he is.

Anyone who ever won a single fight is at risk of developing an inflated ego. Anyone who ever stood in front of a crowd and faced the admiration of the people, is at risk of an inflated ego. And people with egos are difficult to work with.

One of the great risks is that we begin to believe in our own abilities too much. Allow me to compare this to a great artist, a musician, who has one hit song after another. Soon he comes to believe that he can do no wrong, everything he touches turns to gold. And then he has a "new project", some new strange music, and he releases this to the public.

Yes, this happened even with the great George Harrison and John Lennon and many others. And people bought their "new" music and said...Huh?? What is this crap? What happened?

And I have seen it happen with Krav Maga instructors. They fall into what I call the "Teacher Trap" and they think they can do no wrong. They lose their humility, which every teacher MUST possess. And they start inventing techniques that look great but will only work with their own students.

Public beware! There are ego powered Krav Maga instructors out there teaching suicidal techniques that will never work for you.

In the past I have attended many martial arts seminars.  Some are there to teach you and some are there to impress you.

My goal is to impress you, but not with my ability, no, there is no need for that. Only an insecure person will try and impress his students. No, I will never do that.

I want to impress you with your ability. I want you to walk out of my class thinking "I can do that just as good as the teacher". In fact many times I have seen my students, after only a few minutes, do the techniques as well as me, sometimes even better.

That is the goal. IKI Krav Maga is simple; easy to learn, easy to apply and easy to remember. I will leave the fancy macho stuff for the actors.

When you watch their videos have your beer and popcorn ready.

Know the difference between reality and fantasy. IKI Krav Maga is pure reality.

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