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July 10, 2022, Israel

Krav Maga is generally known to the public as a fierce Israeli hand-to-hand combat system taught to all Israeli soldiers. It has been made famous by certain commercial schools and by its inclusion in some popular TV shows and movies. (always an accurate trustworthy portrayal of reality). It is known for its aggressiveness, its brutality, and in particular for its gun and knife defenses.

Unfortunately, like most popular conceptions, this is an inaccurate portrayal of the style and it deters many "regular" people from taking up the training. Sadly, those who need it the most, fear it the most, and it becomes the property of the more aggressive elements of society. Often when a prospective student comes to train to defend himself against a bully, he finds that it is his high school nemesis, the local bully, who is now the Krav Maga instructor. 

Like Daniel San in The Karate Kid upon entering the Cobra Kai dojo, the prospective student turns around and walks away disappointed.  

We take a different approach. 

But first, let us clear up some misconceptions. 

Not all Israeli soldiers are immersed in Krav Maga. The average Israeli is no more a Krav Maga expert than his counterpart in China, who is not a Kung Fu expert, or his counterpart in Japan who is not a karate expert. These are stereotypes and they are false. 

Only the top Israeli units devote any serious time to Krav Maga and even that is far from an extensive course. For twenty years I taught children in my community. All went on to serve in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and their reports as well as those of others confirmed that serious self-defense training was certainly not taking place. Sadly, very few leave the IDF with any ability to protect themselves. Israelis have been attacked all over the world and their track record is no better than the average citizen in any country. Sorry to blow the whistle on this myth. 

But let us focus on the positive. We at Israeli Krav International, (IKI) offer a complete Krav Maga program. This is important to point out because some view Krav Maga as being limited to gun and knife defense, perhaps a little counter-terrorism. We cover much more. 

So what do we cover:

Our guiding principle is every technique must be:

Easy to learn - I have seen some wonderful techniques out there but you will grow old before you master them. All our techniques are designed to be learned easily.

Easy to apply - Our techniques are not unique to one particular situation. We use concepts that can be applied to a diverse range of situations. Understand the concept rather than memorize the technique and you be able to apply it to situations we have never even imagined. We need to be versatile. 

Easy to remember - What is the point of learning a technique if it is so complicated that you will forget it unless you practice daily. 

Fighting - This includes a balanced fighting stance that is suitable for defense and offense. It is not designed for sports or tournaments but for fighting in the street, in self-defense. This includes a full line of defense vs all angles and types of strike, hands, legs, knees, sharp and blunt objects.

Defense vs Knives - Not only your standard classic knife defenses that you can find on Youtube but rather a full range of diverse knife attacks. We draw our "situations" from police, Law Enforcement, actual experience of our members, and security and surveillance cameras from all over the world. This includes not only knives but any type of bladed objects including butcher knives, machete, axes and broken bottles. 

Defense vs Gun Threats - Again our experience and training comes from all over the world, from every walk of life. For realism we use a full range of hand-guns, from small to large, revolvers and pistols. No weapon is left out.

Long Weapons - All sorts of rifles including shotguns, and saw-off Shotguns. 

Ground - The same principles of simplicity and adaptability are employed on the ground. Sometimes students feel they need to study other forms of ground fighting, perhaps invite a jujitsu instructor to "augment" their program with some ground fighting, but this contradicts the essence of IKI. The same principles, the came concepts that we use for our gun, knife and stick defenses we employ for our ground defense. We do not wish to introduce other ways of training, ways that contradict what we are teaching.

One Thread - When you study the full range of IKI you will see that there is the concept of One Thread that runs through all our techniques, whether it be gun defense standing, gun defense on the ground, knife attacks while standing, knife attacks on the ground, or punching on the ground. There is one basic principle that unites everything we do.

Scenario training - We go beyond technique. We recreate actual situations that took place, we apply the concepts and we apply pressure, we make it real and realistic. This is how we prepare students for the potential violence of the real world. 

Psychological training - We go beyond the physical. We delve deeply into how the mind can cope and handle violence. All the techniques are worthless unless we can control our mind. We place great emphasis on our greatest asset; our brain. 

IKI Is a complete Krav Maga system, we cover all aspects of the physical and psychological. 

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