Confidence Problem Solving
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

October 7,2017, Israel

Everyone seems to agree that confidence is a key to success. Business coaches, life coaches, dating coaches, a man with confidence owns the day. Some people have it naturally.

I recall my friend Isaac from college. We were on vacation in Eilat but we could not afford to stay in the hotels so we all slept on the beach. We went to the hotels to shower but they spotted us and kicked us out. Not Isaac, he showered there every day. How? He told me his secret. "You walk in there knowing you don't belong, I walk in there like my dad owns the place."

Confidence, it owns the day. Lack of confidence is spotted immediately. 

Confidence can help you win a poker game when you've got nothing. Confidence can get you that job, that girl, while better qualified people are turned away.

Confidence is power: it is energy, it is that "Can do" attitude. But where can you acquire it if you are not a natural?

You can gain confidence by slowly accomplishing something worthwhile. Confidence comes from knowing you have what it takes to succeed. You enter the dojo the first time with a little fear. You take your first step on the mat, you have just built a little bit of confidence. You are on the mat and you are still alive.

You learn your first kick, punch, and you feel a little more confident. You have progressed. Then the big day comes, your first rank. I hold the rank of sixth dan black belt but I still remember the moment Sempai Terrao at the Oyama Kyokushin dojo came over and taped the blue stripe on my white belt. I had made it! I had a karate rank! Confidence. It grows and builds.

I remember my green belt test, fighting against one of the most talented guys at the Oyama dojo, everyone was amazed as I round housed kicked him in the head. Confidence grows.

When you earn your black belt you know you are a goal achiever, you know you can accomplish things. Members of parliament, heads of state, we all know who has a black belt. Regardless of their other accomplishments they list their black belt among their greatest achievements. It shows the ability to pursue a goal and achieve it; Confidence.

Confidence; a black belt tells people who are not a quitter. It tells people you are a solution focused person. Whatever the challenge, you will find a solution. You become the best version of yourself, the you that you want to be.

When you have confidence you see opportunities, you take risks, you achieve goals. When you have confidence you do not see problems, you see solutions. There is an old Arabic expression, Fee mushkela? binhilha,  There is a problem? We shall solve it.

Take your first step, get on the mat. One step at a time. Un paso a la vez.

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