Draw the Line
By Moshe Katz
Israel Krav International

August 28, 2016, Israel

Celebrating his Dudeness, South Africa 2015

The question of when to fight and when to back off is as old as time itself.

In the classic film "The Karate Kid" the young Daniel San poses that very question to the wise Mr. Miyagi. The teacher, Mr. Miyagi answers, "When have full respect for self, full respect for others, that answer come."

On one hand we do not want any unnecessary fights. I would rather "accept" a nasty remark or insult, let it pass, and avoid an awkward confrontation. I will certainly do what I can to avoid a fight, for a while...

Israel as a nation does everything it can to avoid wars, to avoid the deaths of our dear soldiers, but when push comes to shove, we react, and with an iron fist. As Mr. Miyagi says, "If must fight - Win!"

We fight to win.

There are times in our personal lives where we let a little remark slide. Someone said something, we did not like it but...let it go, let it slide. We do not need to start a Hatfield–McCoy feud over a slight insult. But then, a time comes when we must follow the words of Walter from "The Big Lebowski"

"I'm talking about drawing a line in the sand Dude, across this line you do not...." (and then he gets distracted)

I am talking about unchecked aggression, and you have to make a stand.

When your kid is being bullied, you have to make a stand, you have to draw the line in the sand and say you go no further than this. When you are being harassed at work, yes you want to keep your job but a time comes when you must draw that line in the sand and say, do not cross that line. Respect, self respect.

It will cost you some "friends", it will cost you some business but...C'mon, lets' go bowling Dude. Draw the line in the sand!

Draw the Line!
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