Drugs Gangs and Violence
By Moshe Katz

May 10, 2019, Israel 

The best self defense has nothing to do with physical fitness, or even techniques. They say that in the USA a huge percent of violence is gang related. Basically if you were born into a good family unit, raised with decent values, given a good education and stayed away from trouble, you should be OK. That is the best self defense. As Mr. Miyagi said, Best Defense not be there.

But if you were born into a bad neighborhood, and this by the way has nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with culture and values, you are in for a difficult ride. If as a teen you are approached by a gang and given a choice of joining the neighborhood gang or being shot on the spot, well you really are in a bad way. The fact is some people are in greater danger than others, fact of life.

But if you are in the first category, the fortunate one, although your chances of encountering violence are far less, you are still at risk. Let's ignore for a moment the stupidity of young people seeking adventure; drugs, parties, bad bars. Even good people will cross paths with the bad element from time to time,

You have to take a bus and transfer at a bad station. Trains will pass through all kinds of neighborhoods. You will not be able to avoid contact with the "other". It is then that you need your self defense skills, mindset and attitude. 

Odds of encountering such violence may be slim, if you do everything correctly, but still it may happen. When you step off that train looking like a kid from a "privileged" neighborhood, there may be someone who feels no moral compassion, who can take a life without remorse, who can stab without feeling any hesitation. It is at that point that you will wish you had trained in self defense. 

That is one of the scenarios we train for, that late night encounter, that getting off at the wrong station encounter, that meeting with people who are filled with anger towards life. Taking your possessions is their "job". Killing you is just a matter of finishing the job and eliminating the witness. Feelings of guilt? you are in the wrong ball park. Guilt does not live here. 

That is why I teach as I do. That is why I teach self defense and not fighting. That is why I am not "ashamed" to teach that in many cases you will have to escape and run. 

I have had people challenge me, in Ukraine, in South Africa, but I know I am correct. Even in the toughest prisons the guard will never want to fight one on one against a gang member with a shank. He will retreat and call for backup. We do want to live. 

Crime is not pretty; gangs, drugs, violence is not child's play. Ideas like voluntarily engaging such people, or sticking around one second longer than is absolutely necessary, defy human logic.  

And now we must train, we must take the basics and go over them again and again and then...again. So don't ask for "advanced techniques" when you have not proven you can survive the basics. 

You step off the train, take a few steps, a man walks up to you and shoves a gun in your face, hand it over dog or I will lay you down right here. 

Are you ready?

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