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September 25, 2022, Israel

Teaching US Army Cavalry unit, 

There is an old expression "Our best customer is an educated customer."  The idea is that we are not following a different time and tested business practice, which is, "a fool and his money are quickly parted", or "a fool is born every minute".

We are hoping for educated people to investigate our product, we are so confident in our product that we are hoping for customers who are wise, experienced, and discerning. We are confident that if they truly understand what is going on, they will choose our product. Our product is the choice of those who know what they are talking about. 

There is another approach, and one that has also succeeded, and that is, fool people. And the truth is you can fool people for a long time. Look at the food industry, the easy fast-food products, they have conquered the world. In Japan they are eating miso soup made of chemicals and waste products, it is fast, it is cheap, it is tasty. In the USA children are raised on junk food, it is fattening, and deadly, but also very convenient and cheap. No need to spend hours slaving over a hot stove like our mothers did back in the day. In the movie about McDonalds, the Founders, there is a very sad scene where the new owner decides to replace the real milkshake with a powered product that does not even contain any milk. The others taste it but cannot taste any difference. This is an historic moment; a cheap unhealthy product replacing the original wholesome product. This became the direction of the world. 


Thus, there are two approaches, which one to choose? Well that depends upon your ethics, your values. Do you want to provide a quality product, or just make money? There is also another factor, some people only have the option of fooling people, because they do not actually have a quality product. And this appears to be the case with many martial arts. 

We see a great deal of styles being offered as practical self-defense. And the public on the whole, swallows it. They simply do not know any better. They do not have the tools to judge which martial art can actually benefit you in a truly violent situation. The movies do not nothing to help this problem. 

Our approach is we hope to attract those who have some experience, because they are qualified to see the difference. I am not going to try and "sell" our system based on some military credentials, what on earth does that have to do with your personal self-defense? What does it matter if the instructor fought in some war? I am not going to try and promote our system with photos of body builders, fitness models, and hot women. Again, what does that have to do with you?

I am not trying to sell you a system that you cannot test drive for yourself. I am not a used car salesman; I believe in our product, and you can take for a test drive. So, what are we "selling"?

We are selling a system that has gone through decades of development, that incorporate the best concepts from many martial arts, that has been tried and tested by people in more than 40 countries, that has been used by police and military in many lands. This is a system designed for you, and me, regular imperfect people. 

We are not body builders or fitness models but do includes those among our ranks. We do not rely upon powerful bodies, or military age energy and strength. We are young, we are old, we are fit, we are unfit. We are everyone, and we are you.

We train, we repeat, we need to be ready. Moshe training US Special Forces, somewhere in the USA.

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