Ever Changing World of Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

March 26, 2019 Business Lounge, Frankfurt, Germany

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The coffee is good, the atmosphere is relaxed, I am waiting in comfort for my flight. I have earned this, however. Even though this is an exclusive environment I must still be alert, we have been caught by surprise before.

I recall that day as a child, three respectable looking Japanese tourists with violin cases at our airport, Lod airport, May 30, 1972. I was just a child. My world was rocked. How could this happen?

In this ever changing world in which we live in, to live and let die, thus said the poet. 

So we sleep with one eye open, even in the lounge.

Our Krav Maga, IKI Krav Maga, is based on this concept. With us you will not be taught ancient techniques, you will not be taught outdated techniques that cannot be questioned, you will not be taught sport techniques dressed up to look like self defense by men and women in Taekwondo uniforms. We are only interested in survival.

We train to protect ourselves and those around us. Earlier today an Israeli man came up to me to offer me his wagon/trolley for my luggage. I said it is OK I can manage. He said he no longer needed the wagon so he wanted to give to family. We never met but we are family.

In an earlier visit to this lounge in Frankfurt I overheard an elderly woman complaining that they forgot to bring her the wheelchair she was promised and an escort. From her accent I could tell she was a Jew born in Germany. Esther and I became her escorts and she introduced us as her children. She told us of her previous "experiences" in this country long ago.

We are here to take care of each other. 

I have no time for spinning jump kicks, or ludicrous "self defense" moves such as a wrist grab and back kick against a knife attack from the back (as taught by certain Israeli instructors), I am only interested in survival, so that an elderly Holocaust survivor can get home safely. IKI is about survival.

We are soldiers without uniforms, we are warriors without boundaries, and like prof. Librescu of blessed memory who gave his life to save his students at Virginia Tech university, we are here to protect all good people. 

To do this we need to stay alert, and we need to stay on top of developments in the field of self defense/Krav Maga. 

Like a doctor who regularly reads the medical journals we need to watch what is going on. We cannot teach and train only on the basis of medieval warfare or Asian martial arts developed in ages past by Ninjas, Monks or Shoguns. 

Our system of training 

Besides our in person training, which takes place in Israel with weekly lessons, Tour and Train sessions, Five Day Training camps and private lessons, we also have our seminars around the world where we see our students in person. This is supplemented by our DVD collection which covers everything from hand to hand combat, armed, unarmed, Active Shooters, Hostage Situations, In and Around a Car, On the ground and escape from impossible situations.

But one of the key elements of out training is our On Line Distance Training program. Here we send out daily clips, which supplement the DVDs. Why is this important? 

1. New situations - New situations are constantly emerging. As much as we feel we "seen it all" there are, sadly, constantly new types of attacks. New situations are emerging all over world. Change is a constant and this is also true of the world of crime and violence. So while a DVD produced a few years ago may have great value we still to update our members with current situations that we had not imagined when the DVD was produced. As such our daily video clips fills this gap and provides our members with practical solutions to current problems. 

2. Improved methods - Even with our current techniques we are constantly improving. We are always seeking better and more efficient ways of training. We are always seeking to simply. Thus even if it is only a small improvement on a current technique, or a minor adjustment, we film it and send it out to our members.

3. Questions and Answers - Our members ask us many questions. Some questions are about new situations, other questions are to clarify current techniques that were unclear to them. We want to share the answers to these questions with you, they will appear in video form on your daily e mail.

In this ever changing world in which we in, we must remain alert and aware, we are not content with the past. We are always one step ahead of the others.

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