Expectations and Reality
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 29, Charlotte Airport, North Carolina, USA

Was it a good flight? At this point I pretty much consider that a contradiction in terms.

On my recent domestic flight I saw wonderful advertisements as I was about to board the plane: Connectivity - Showing passengers connecting to the internet while on the flight, Relax - showing passengers enjoying great comfort on the plane and feeling totally relaxed, Comfort - Passengers sleeping so peacefully, Socializing- Meeting female models who just happen to be sitting next to you on the plane, and Dining - Delicious looking steaks and wine. 

Well, as you can imagine the reality of the flight was very different and the contrast was noted as I was sitting next to the toilet with none of the comforts. The comforts remained in the advertisement just as the martial arts legends remain in the movies. 

I thought this contrast between the built up expectation of the flight and the reality of flying is very similar to most martial arts. Most instructors post pictures of themselves doing great stunts and living the myths of the movies. You may notice that in photographs and in reality I come across as quite ordinary, that is because I am. We are all ordinary and yet we must know how to handle extraordinary situations. For this we need a system that can meet and exceed our expectations despite all our physical and mental limitations. That is not easy. 

So we developed a system that works with who you are right now, an imperfect being, and uses the tools and abilities that you already possess. We have a system that will not only meet your expectations but exceed them. We live in reality, not in the movies, and not in the martial arts advertisements.