Fantasy Life
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 11, 2016

Movies are an escape. We want to live in the movie for a while. We want to escape the drab and dreariness of our simple lives and live the fantasy, if only for a few hours.

"Normal" people become fanatical about not missing certain shows, they must be home on time for it.

And then there are people who live the fantasy, they are like super heroes, only they are real. They grab the bull by the horn and their life becomes the movie. They dare to live.

You have a bunch of kids who are funny, and then they all go their regular ways, get regular jobs and live regular lives. But one kid says "You know what! I am going to go for it". And then he becomes the comic genius, the headliner, the guy who is a mega success and lives the dream, the guy who people say about him, "I knew him when...."

Now of course we can't all go chasing pipe dreams. I recall when I was teaching Krav Maga on the college campuses I saw a bulletin board announcing a job fair, and it read, "Just in case the whole rock star thing doesn't work out".

Now that is true, we need realistic plans. I too gave up the dream of being a rock star because it did not suit my lifestyle. Yes, I was in a band and I went to meet with a very successful manager. After a brief talk I realized this was not my path. We also know that the vast majority of people who set out to become rock stars fail, and many of them end up destroying their lives.


Yes, there is that however, there is fantasy and there is fantasy. Not all of us are going to be maga rock stars, but a few of us will. Not all of us will be major league ball players, but a few of us will. We need to access our chances realistically but we should never give up our dreams.

Short of being a super rock star there is still room for living the fantasy life. I am speaking of grabbing opportunities, large and small, pursuing your personal dreams and happiness.

You want something, go for it, do not be afraid. Access the risks and rewards. Give yourself a chance, give life a chance. Sometimes the odds are against us, that does not mean we should not try. Sometimes we try and we get smacked in the face, that does not mean we should give up.

Regret is the feeling that had I tried harder, had I been more determined I could have had what I wanted to be. Regret is not that I did not achieve all I wanted, to, no; only that I did not achieve what I could have achieved, what was in the range of my ability.

I know that no matter how much effort I put into it I simply do not have the ability to be a major league ball player. There is a certain degree of natural ability that one needs. I attended baseball camp, I bought books on how to be a better hitter, I skipped class so I could train with my friend Gary, but I know that despite all that I could never be a star, although I do remember that game at the Hebrew Academy where I hit three home runs.

It is not a matter of just saying "You can do it!". No, we must be realistic but we must never give up on ourselves. Success and happiness come in many ways, there are many paths that lead to the same goal. We all have our strengths. The fantasy life can still be yours if you grab the opportunities and realize your potentials.

Sometimes we just need someone to believe in us. And sometimes that person has to be us, we cannot wait for anyone else to tell us. We have to believe that we are worthy of great things, that we deserve great things, that we deserve to be happy.

Lets' not search for excuses, yes we accept there there are and certainly always will be obstacles, valid no doubt. But we must search for that spark, that smile, that kind word, that confirms that we are special. And then we must chase our dream, jump over those hurdles, catch that last bus and fight for our dream. Sometimes the hope is great but the chances are slim, but still we cannot give up. Run! You can still catch that flight and make that meeting and close the deal. You can still change someone's mind and show them that you are the one! You can make your life like a movie, run after that person just moments before they get on that plane and leave your life forever. Do not wait until it is too late. You can change your fate.

If it means that much to you go the extra mile, run a little faster, risk a little more. Open that Krav Maga school you have dreamed about, chase that girl all the way to the departure hall of the airport, go back to the bank for the business loan one more time, buy your dream home, live your fantasy life.

Live a life without regret. Live your fantasy life.

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