George's Missing Glasses
By Moshe Katz

January 10, 2012

I am a fan of Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld trained with my mentor and friend Prof. Arthur Cohen . There is an episode where George is upset, he was in the gym and someone stole his prescription glasses.

"What kind of a sick person steals another' man's prescription glasses?" George laments. Throughout the show he tries to figure out who the thief might be. As time passes the anger and frustration George feels only increases. He wants to exact revenge upon this heartless thief.

As the show is ending and once again George is in the locker room the camera focuses in on a few items on top of this locker. Among them, yes, George's prescription glasses!

No one had stolen them; it was only George's poor eyesight that had prevented him from finding his own glasses. His judgmental character had placed the blame on another for the misfortunes that occurred to him as a result of not having his glasses. At no point did George turn inward and say, "Perhaps I am to blame, perhaps it was I who misplaced my glasses."

No, only another could be at fault, and that other was clearly a cold heartless individual.

When things go wrong in life, before we blame everyone else, let's first explore the possibility that maybe, just maybe, we should also look at ourselves.

Krav Maga Application

Yes, it would be nice to have a police officer with you at all times, (actually the truth is many of them are not so well trained), and yes, it would be nice if "the government" would "make the streets safe again", but in fact we must start taking control of our lives and safety.It is we who must take responsibility for our own individual safety.

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