IKI Black Belt testing 

October 7, 2020 

One of the most common questions is: What am I looking for in an IKI Krav Maga black belt test.  Well we do have a page called Black Belt Krav Maga which lists the basic requirements, but that is not the full picture. That is a list of techniques, or rather situations, that one must know to earn a black belt in IKI Krav Maga, but the true requirements go beyond that.

We are a system based on concepts. What does that mean? Of course we have techniques, but it is not simply a matter of memorizing techniques, it is a matter or understanding the concepts that are the foundations of the techniques. At times even I forget a technique, perhaps even a technique that I developed myself, but I remember the concept and I am able to apply it. Thankfully I have not been attacked recently but I have often been put on the spot at seminars and asked, what about this or that situation? At times I had never dealt with that specific situation, but I am able to apply the IKI concept and answer the question and handle the situation. The concept Trumps the technique. 

Another example: sometimes we are unable to perform a technique due to physical limitations. We will not be able to put up much of a performance but if we apply the IKI concepts correctly we will still be able to do the technique effectively, even if it does not make for create YouTube footage. 

This is a question I answer frequently so I would like to quote what I wrote to a recent applicant.

What I am looking for in a test, I will describe the test I saw recently from an applicant in Australia, a woman who totally amazed me. She tested for Apprentice Instructor. I saw already in the first few videos that she "got it". She understood the point, the way. 

Whether it is a test for a belt or instructor status, I want you to show me what I am teaching at seminars, or showing you on our videos from our On Line program and our DVDs, and most recently our Vimeos (which I consider to be of great value).

I want to see that you understand the IKI techniques, I want to see the depth of understanding, and I want to see more than anything that by how you do it - you BELIEVE in these techniques. I know when people are faking it, just going through the motions to get a belt. I want to see the techniques in your entire body movement, in your mindset. I want to see that you have internalized the techniques, the concepts and you are one with them. I want to see Smoothness and CONFIDENCE.  

I want to see:

The IKI Universal Block. I want to see the Universal Block applied to different situations, including turning into a counter-attack

The Ginga applied; vs Wrist grab, vs Knife Threat, vs various gun threats.

I want to see a proper IKI stance.

I want to see gun defenses; How two defenses are applied to multiple situations.

If you are watching our daily videos from the On-Line program, if you viewing the DVDs and Vimeos, this should be easy. Just do what you do in class every day. I will know very quickly if you are an IKI Black BElt.

I also strongly recommend watching the new 13 Vimeos we made. This may sound like a lot, and it is, but I will know in the first 2 or 3 videos if you got it. So there is no need to send 100 videos. 

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