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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Erick Araya Hernandez, Curribadat

Erick Araya Hernandez, IKI Instructor

yo he practicado artes marciales desde los 14 años, actualmente tengo 40 años, soy cinturón negro segundo dan en Taekwondo, 1 dan en Tang Soo Do, 1 dan en Métodos Policiales, he practicado a lo largo de mi vida otras artes marciales como Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Kickboxing, Pencak Silat entre otras pero sin lograr llegar a un nivel de cinturón negro en ellas aún. En el 2008 luego de sufrir un asalto en la calle, logre entender que las artes marciales tradicionales no me funcionarían para la vida real en situaciones de alto riesgo, así comencé a investigar  el camino del Krav Maga en el 2013 conocí al maestro Sayah Benjelloul, experto en Pencat Silat quien me inicio en defensa personal lo cual me hacía sentir mucho mejor, ya en el 2014 comence a entrar en el mundo del Krav Maga y logre en el 2015 iniciar en IKI lo cuál ha sido una gran experiencia para mi, he podido lograr comprender que lo más complicado no es lo mejor al defenderse, lo mejor es comprender los movimientos naturales del cuerpo en situaciones de riesgo y aprovechar al máximo estos movimientos para lograr llegar a casa a salvo. Todo lo que he logrado hasta ahora ha sido gracias primero a Dios, luego a mi familia y a cada uno de mis maestros a lo largo de mi vida que han aportado algo de su vida para mi.

I have practiced martial arts since I was 14 years old, I am currently 40 years old, I am black belt second dan in Taekwondo, 1 dan in Tang Soo Do, 1 dan in Police Methods, I have practiced other martial arts like Hapkido throughout my life, Jiu Jitsu, Aikido, Kickboxing, Pencak Silat among others but without managing to reach a level of black belt in them yet. In 2008 after suffering an assault on the street, I managed to understand that traditional martial arts would not work for me in real life in high risk situations, so I started to investigate the path of Krav Maga in 2013 I met the teacher Sayah Benjelloul, Expert in Pencat Silat who started me in personal defense which made me feel much better, already in 2014 I started to enter the world of Krav Maga and in 2015 I started in IKI which has been a great experience for me, I have could achieve to understand that the most complicated is not the best to defend, it is best to understand the natural movements of the body in situations of risk and make the most of these movements to get home safely. Everything I have achieved so far has been thanks first to God, then to my family and to each of my teachers throughout my life who have contributed something of their lives to me.

Jaime Ortiz Blanco

Jaime Ortiz and family.

Jamie Ortiz with Moshe Katz in Costa Rica, sharing a passion for Krav Maga, people and coffee.

Jaime Ortiz Blanco


San Jose

Costa Rica

Jaime Ortiz joins IKI with a rich and varied background in many martial arts. In his country he is well known as a beloved and ssuccessful instructor.

"In modern times his academy is distinguished in the arts of Muay Thay, while the "factory of champions", as they call their dojo of only 5 meters wide by 10 long, has generated national and international champions who are willing to give everything inside the ring for the sake of his art and teacher.

Another of his passions, he has won the affection of the neighborhood where he lives and affection of his students, is their desire to help, however big or small the problem Grandmaster always have time to attend and give good advice, it shows his medal of valor he received the March 3, 2008 by ICMAUA for supporting groups of children and youth at risk."

In 2015 I made my first visit to Costa Rica and had the honor and privilege of meeting Jamie Ortiz and his devoted students. I found Jamie to be a remarkable man. His students devotion to him, in good times and in bad, is a testament to a wonderful man, an unusual man.

He is also a great organizer, as we had 50 students at our first seminar. The discipline and organization was first class.

Seminar with Moshe Katz, March 2015

Status: Active member.


Ricardo Guevara, Panama City

Ricardo is a serious martial artists with many years experience. Observing him first hand in Panama I found him to be an outstanding instructor and practitioner of Krav Maga.