Israeli Defense Know How
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 27, 2018, Israel

They come from all over the world; police experts, military leaders, high tech experts and weapons experts. They come to learn. 

You have a problem with tunnels being dug into your country and drugs and humans being sold? We have a solution. Rockets, chemical warfare? We have a solution. You name it we have a solution. Because we have to

Securing large events, football or soccer stadiums, concerts, subway stations; we can help you.

Nations stand on line waiting to meet us. Many of these countries do not even have open diplomatic relations with Israel, but they need us, so they come, from India, Japan, Argentina, Mexico, United States and many countries that cannot be mentioned. 

They come to train in counter terror tactics. We have the experience. We have the know-how. And everyone needs this. 

Israel is one of the major weapons experts and exporters in the world. Why is this so? Because we have no choice.

You need weapons that can hit a bunker in the middle of a city without harming innocent people, we have it. We invent and reinvent, for safety, security and taking the human life into account. We avoid mass destruction. We avoid harming the innocent. This is not carpet bombing. 

Secure your airport, airline security, stop terrorist infiltration, come to us.

All over the world you will find Israeli security experts advising, guiding, teaching and protecting. We are the force of peace of security. We are leaders in protection, and Search and Rescue. The world respects our abilities. 

Seventy years ago we were led to gas chambers, shot in the forests, starved to death in ghettos, today we lead the world in protection. (including our former enemies, which is pretty much the entire world).

At IKI, Israeli Krav International, we offer personal safety training: Krav Maga.

We train you to know how to handle the worst possible situations and offer you solutions.

We offer solutions for gun threats, knife threats and knife attacks, long weapon threats, personal attacks, attempted rape, hostage taking, in and around the car, public spaces, private spaces, confined spaces, stairways, office buildings and inside a plane (passengers, pilots and flight attendants). We train the world.

Israel: A Nation of Warriors
by Moshe Katz

Books by Moshe Katz

What are the roots of the innovative Israeli approach to self defense, national and personal?

Why makes Israeli airline security the best in the world? What is the Israeli approach and mentality that make us the leaders in the security industry and personal safety field, and being sought after all over the world?

The answers are in this book.

Over 300 pages, the history of Israel and the Jewish people as a fighting nation from the days of Abraham to our own times. The book covers the history and roots of Krav Maga and the modern Israeli Defense Forces. The book analyzes what makes Israeli security the best in the world.

(cover by Arie Katz)

Israel, A Nation of Warriors, Amazon

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