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IKI Israeli Kickboxing.

At IKI we offer Israeli Kickboxing certification.

I spent many years training in Kickboxing, Thai boxing, and in full contact Karate. Over the years my own personal style evolved, which I feel is an addition and a contribution to the field of Kickboxing.

My style served me well in hundreds of full contact fights. I fought with success in Israel, and in the USA. One of my personal highlights was when Grand Master Soshu Shigeru Oyama put out his hand to me, after a series of fights with this top students, and said, "You good fighter!"

With IKI our main focus is of course on Krav Maga/Self-Defense but I do see Kickboxing, practiced in a certain way, as a very good supplement, for several reasons.

In Krav Maga clearly we do not want long fights; the idea is to end the confrontation as rapidly as possible. Thus even in training the fights are very short, by design. Kickboxing offers the possibility of a longer fight and the ability to deal with the fear of getting hit, actually getting hit and learning to stay in a fight when you are hurt and in pain. The longer fight gives the student greater opportunities for using his offensive and defensive tools. Of course these only involve the empty handed techniques.

These are all important elements.

For many, the kickboxing element is crucial for developing confidence and aggressiveness. Many members ask me: How do I develop aggressiveness? One of the ways is by participating in Kickboxing fights.

Kickboxing also helps develop coordination, timing, and balance, all important attributes in Krav Maga and fighting.

Our kickboxing follows many of the same principles of Krav Maga. As such we do not require high kicks, back spinning kicks, or any jumping. I am not opposed to high kicks or back spinning kicks, as long as one can pull them off effectively. But they are not absolute requirements.

Like Krav Maga, our kickboxing emphasizes economy of motion, safety and "nearest weapon - nearest target". We do not train for sports. We do not train for "setting up an opponent" with a series of planned moves or any complex strategy along those lines. We aim for simplicity and effectiveness. We offer ranking/grading from Yellow belt to 5th dan black belt as well as instructor ranks.

To test for rank you will need to have our IKI Israeli Kickboxing DVD and our Combatives DVD


Certification information

Moshe Katz, in younger days, front row, second from left, seated. with Roni Kluger, Patrick McCarthy.

 Kickboxing, Itay Gil's gym, sometime ago. 

Training at the Oyama dojo, Manhattan, USA.

with Kickboxing legend, Bill "Super-foot" Wallace.

with Thai boxing champion Kru Phil Nurse

Rank Requirements

Yellow Belt -  Basic knowledge of the stance, kicks and punches. Front kick, Round Kick, Knee Kick,  Elbow strike, Side Kick, Jab, Cross, Hook and Upper-cut. 

Orange Belt - Some combinations, light sparring, understanding distance, movement and flow of energy. 

Green Belt

Proper Stance: Show a solid stance. Show how it is both solid and yet flexible. Show how all four limbs can be used effectively for offense and defense. Show how you can move Forward, Backwards, Side to the Left, Side to the Right and all times maintain your balanced stance and fighting capability.

Powerful Low Kick.

Side Kick from various angles.

Sparring. A little more intense.

Universal Black vs Round punch (hook punch) Vs. Straight punch. Show me that you are not chasing after the punch.

Middle round house kick - To the ribs.

Middle found house kick - With a step to the side and a kick to the torso.

Kick Combination - Low kick to the outside, Middle Kick to the same side.

Low kick to the outside target - Kick his Far Leg (His back leg, the one further away from you) (36:00 on the Kickboxing DVD)

Side Kick: Step sideways, land kick, continue with forearm strike.

Side Kick: Cross over step side kick.

Punching: Jab, Elbow, Knee kick, Knee kick.

Punching Combination, (choose any combination you like), Step back, another punching combination.

Punching Combination, (choose any combination you like), Step forward, another punching combination.

Strike to face, Inside Low kick from lead leg, outside low kick from back leg.

Combination: Jab, Cross, Jab, Low kick.

Forearm Strike: Three kinds; Straight, Down, Uppercut, (54:00 KB DVD) Use the power of the hips.

Jab, Cross, Jab, Forearm strike.

Jab, Jab, (same side fast), Cross ( Other side).

Jab, Jab, (same side fast) , Forearm Strike. 

Blue Belt

Note: For this you should have the Combatives DVD

Front leg push kick, front low kick, front middle kick, front high kick, inside  low kick.

Universal Block Vs. Round punch, (Hook punch), Upper-cut, Forearm strike.

Combinations as shown on the Kickboxing DVD and  Combatives DVD, entry closing the gap, combinations of punching and kicking combinations.

Low Round house kicks: Show 4 angles of the Low Kick: Standard (Classic Low Kick), "Axe" low kick, Pressure point low kick (drop kick), Low kick to the back of his leg (at around 34 minutes into the Kickboxing DVD). 

Front Kick to inside (37:00, 38:00 KB DVD) your front leg to inside his inner thigh.

Inside Kick from your lead leg, followed by Inside Kick from your back leg to his inner thigh (38:45 KB DVD)

Rapid Kicking Combination: Low Kick, Low kick, Middle Kick (all on the same side. I ant to see both Right and Left sides). 

High round house kick to the head (those who lack the flexibility, do not worry about this one). 

Side Kick, step in, followed by punching combinations.

Front kick, step in, Low kick, forearm strike. 

Brown Belt

Jab - Cross - Jab - Low Kick, with power on the bag - Use the power the flow, not your physical fitness. I want to see relaxed power and penetration. The key is the flow of energy. 

Jab, Cross, Jab, Low Kick. 
Jab, Cross, Jab, Middle Kick. 
Jab, Cross, Jab, Inside Low Kick, Outside Middle Kick. 
Jab, Cross, Jab, Middle Kick,
Low Kick  (1:01  KB DVD)

Rapid Kicking Combo: Low Kick, Middle Kick, Middle Kick, Low Kick, (same side).

Right side left side combinations: Low Kick, Low Kick. , Middle Kick, Middle Kick.  Low Kick - Middle KickMiddle Kick - Low Kick.

Side kick: From front stance, from back leg, from front leg.

Combatives Drill (Combatives DVD).

Defense Vs. Low Kick  (1:20 DVD KB)

Defense Vs. two low kicks, right and left, defense using both your legs and defense using only one of your legs.  (1:25 KB DVD)

Defense Vs. Middle Kick

Defense Vs. High Round Kick

Back Spinning kick( if you can)

Light Sparring

Black Belt

Defense Vs: Universal Block plus counter strike (59:00 KB DVD)

Jab, Cross, Jab, Low Kicks, switch legs, Middle Kick, (1:01 KB DVD)

Back Spinning kick (Depending on age and flexibility)  (44:00 KB DVD)

Jab, straight back kick, (KB DVD 42:00). Show good balance, make sure as you turn you are actually seeing your opponent. (that is the key to balance).

Back Spinning Forearm Strike.

Knee kick, with clinch, various angles, kick to the ribs, to the legs,  etc.

Knee kick combinations, right and left. 

Knee kick while pulling your opponent's neck in various directions. Show fluidity.

Defense Vs. Knee kick.

Defense Vs. Front kick

Defense Vs. Side kick.

Inside Low Kick (front leg), Jab, Cross, Jab, Forearm strike.

Jab, Low kick (Same side), Outside low kick (other side)  ( 1:05:20 KB DVD)

Jab, Low kick (Same side), Outside Middle (other side)

Jab, Inside Low kick, Outside Middle Kick, Forearm strike  (1:05-6)

Closing the gap (KB DVD 1:02)  Front kick, as I land I step in, this step is the energy that I use to make my next strike, a forearm strike, more powerful (I am recycling energy), I pull back the forearm strike and follow with an uppercut., from here we can continue with a flow, a combination of strikes, each one providing the energy for the next one.  

Defense Vs. Low Kick 

Defense Vs. Low Kick with counter attack.   

Middle Kick to stomach (1:31 DVD KB)

Two man drill with boxing gloves (as shown on DVD 125-26) Block kick, and respond with punch, punch, low kick. Alternating. 

Submitting Videos for Rank evaluation/Testing 

Testing can of course be done in person.

It can also be done by sending in videos, this can be done in several ways; video attachment to e mail, attachment via Google Drive,  DVD (by mail), or link to youtube (private) video. 

Kickboxing Instructor Status Requirements 

For instructor status please demonstrate the techniques and explain how they are performed, just as I do on the DVDs.  Explain the concepts of flow, power, penetration. Analyze the techniques.

In your video You can be teaching an actual student, showing him/her the techniques and explaining how it is done, or, you can just imagine that your viewer is the student. 

Testing accepted in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, (If need be...Russian, Dutch and Norwegian).

Israeli Kickboxing Certification 

Israeli Kickboxing Program