Krav Maga Direct Sincerity
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 21,2014

El Al flight 011

Capuccino served by Hadas Zion

Israelis are direct, sincere and sometimes not so "politically correct".

We say it like it is.

We are all expected to be ambassadors for Israel. Just as we are a nation of warriors we are also a nation of ambassadors. 

I fly El Al, this is our national airline. Even on a business trip I am expressing my national identification with Israel. As we are a nation of ambassadors every El Al aircraft has the following message on its doors. As you enter the plane you see the message.

Abroad the State is You. Represent us with dignity!

It is a reminder; wherever you go you are an Ambassador for Israel. You are a spokesman for Israel. You may be a dentist, a businessman, a Krav Maga instructor but you are also a spokesman for Israel. There is no dividing line. Politicians, ordinary people: We are all Israel.

Abroad the State is You. Represent us with dignity!

And just in case you are not the most gifted or articulate spokesman for Israel El Al is there to help you. Before you board the plane there are pamphlets and brochures. These are not propaganda, these are not published by politicians with an agenda, these are just the direct facts, the plain truth.

In case you are bored on the flight now you have something to read, something important. When you land in a foreign land you may be verbally attacked, or challenged about Israel. El Al wants you to be prepared with logical truthful answers.

Know the facts. Give direct answers. This is our way. No fancy political double talk, just straight facts, Direct and to the point.

Our Krav Maga is a direct result of this very same way of thinking. Sincere and direct. The movements are kept as "sincere" as possible, no fancy fluff, no showy stuff, no fancy footwork. We shall leave all that for our impressive national dance company.

In IKI Krav Maga the moves are sincere in that they are devoid of all non-essentials. They are devoid of "ego". It may not look impressive but all we care about is results. We are not trying to win fans. This is not a show.

"Say it and be done with it". The moves are direct, just the bare necessities.

Cut to the chase and get the job done.

This is why our system is easy to learn.

This is why our system is so effective.

Less moves = less chances for mistakes.

Direct and sincere, just like Israel itself. 

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