Krav Maga Questions and Answers
By Moshe Katz
CEO Israeli Krav International

Regarding M 16 disarm, to punch or not to punch:

Hi Moshe,

I've seen I. demonstrate this technique, but adds a punch to the face to shock the opponent before he grabs the stock. Do you think it is better to not punch?

Moshe Katz:

First, I. does it differently than I do.

I have changed it to make it more effective. I have taught this to many Israeli soldiers, they consider it an upgrade over what they were taught in the IDF.

No, I do not believe in the punch to the face, I think that is a big mistake, possibly a life and death mistake. I never advocate a punch to the face when here is a weapon. I have written many blogs about this and I demonstrate it my seminars.

1. My primary, my ONLY concern here is to get the weapon away, if I take even a split second to do something else, anything else, such as punching, that is a waste of time that can cost me my life. I must focus only on the gun. While I am punching , even before I finish the punch, he is struggling and pulling away, odd are that before I complete the punch he will have removed the gun and shot me dead at point blank range.

People do the punch like religion, out of rote, no thinking. Again, better to demonstrate than to use words. You have two hands on the gun, I have to grab the gun. If I take the time to attempt a punch you will use your two hands to pull the gun away from my one hand , my weaker hand, which is attempting to hold the gun. This is a critical time, the punch takes time, that time is all my opponent needs to take the gun away. If we try this with resistance you will see. You cannot pull the punch off.

2. The all magical punch is not that effective. A man has a rifle pointed at you, he is high with energy, he has the advantage, he is the initiator. Who said you will land the punch successfully? or even if you do who says that it will knock him out or even stun him? He is focusing on pulling his weapon away and he will succeed. There is not a moment to spare.

3. You say he punches "before he grabs the stock", that means you don't even have any real grip on the gun, only one hand, like I said the weaker hand.

4. This person is in a combat mode, he will not be easily shocked or "stunned", his adrenaline will protect him. This is not a guy in the dojo.

This is a highly dangerous situation and you must get control of the weapons As Soon As Possible. The punch adds nothing but uses up value time, same as with the handgun or the knife. The punch takes us "out of our way", a detour.

5. In many cases the punch will have the opposite effect of what you want. The punch will push the attacker BACK, and he will take the gun with him, are causing him to move further away from you WITH HIS WEAPON. He will stumble backwards but have his gun and even if he falls down he will probably shoot you in the process, from very close range., I would not punch in this case.

Many thanks for asking,


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Readers Comments:

Very well said Moshe, I would support your statements as one who handles firearms.  If someone has a gun on you one gas to assume they are highly aware and the greatest challenge is going to be moving into their space.  I would imagine an attempt to punch would be telegraphed much greater then a sudden disarm.  In a dynamic situation any of this stuff is very difficult and risky, the less one has to do the less that can go wrong.

Colby Taylor, Michigan, USA

The “shock” your inquirer mentions will likely do nothing more than move the gunman back and he’ll still have the gun.  At that point, rather than just being a threat, he will likely be very angry and will probably shoot you with no further thought. 

Hal Herndon, Georgia, USA

The IKI Portugal agree with Master Moshe.

I've done the technique and really the Master Moshe, to become simpler and more effective.

The punch can be the difference between life and death.

Many students will say and will continue to say they saw other schools and teachers with different techniques.

For this reason there is IKI, and to study more simple and effective techniques so that everyone can perform.

The IKI with your lab techniques, seeks to improve and simplify the techniques to make them more effective, students must realize that there are techniques for movies and other for real life.

There are beautiful and full of movement and punching techniques, but in reality we only need 2 seconds to apply the technique and put ourselves in safe.

Instructors will be required to make the student feel the essence of IKI, but extremely functional simplicity of our techniques in the latter case the instructor can show students the differences between our actual techniques and what he saw on the website for other schools and teachers. The student must feel atravéz your Instructor IKI, the essence of being a student IKI.

My experience is with several national and International Krav Maga known to the GM.

I can personally affirm and ensure superior functionality of IKI, for the entire community.

The IKI works for the community and not to open schools to make money by cheating many students with techniques and nothing functional training, as do many other organizations Krav Maga.

I'm not one, nor taste, nor speak evil, nor do wars with other institutions. I believe if you do a good job we all win both Krav Maga community as students and instructors but especially the students.

But the truth is that the essence of IKI, made ​​me see differently Krav Maga.

Thanks Moshe Friend and Master.

Luis Osorio
iki.portugal @

Hi Moshe,

Not only is every point accurate, but your sharing of this continues to be exceptional. 

You won't find a lot of senior ranked  teachers that appreciate their techniques being questioned, let alone compared to another instructor! Your open approach to not only respond to the student but then also share these questions to the masses (without regard to perception or ego) allows instructors (especially junior teachers with less knowledge) to not only understand /teach better, but also answer the how's and why's in their own classes (so their students are confident in the techniques, which is critical).

Future blogs or updates as to why certain things are done an iki way and not another (due to evolution or other reason), are certainly useful to all iki members. This is how Louisa and I teach as well. 

Great stuff! 

James, Canada