Monday Morning Blues
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 22, 2018, Israel

There is a saying in Israel; In Israel the Monday Morning Blues start a day early. Yes, for us the work week begins on Sunday morning 8 am and it ends on Friday afternoon before the Sabbath. Ironically for the people who invented the concept of the weekend and the "day of rest" we have a rather short weekend. We work hard. 

Monday morning, you wake up tired after a crazy weekend and somehow nothing seems the same. Over the weekend you did whatever you did; travelled, partied, prayed, drank, stank whatever. You reached a different state of awareness and your mind was buzzing with ideas. You came up with an idea for a new car design, a new healthy fast food chain, a new...what-have-you. And then Monday morning rolls around and nothing seems the same, suddenly all those amazing enlightened ideas seem like a blurry hangover. Purple haze.

What happened. 

Reality sets in, what looked great in the twilight makes no sense in the daylight. And so it is with martial arts, Krav Maga, Self Defense.

This is one of the reasons why I am not a fan of martial arts shows; they are much like magic shows; slight of hand, deception, a performance, but in the reality of daylight, with a resisting opponent, with the adrenaline pumping...everything is different. 

I think it was Steve Martin who said Comedy is not Pretty. And in fact today comedy is pretty much dying because half of the English language is offensive to someone. True comedy can be not pretty, it is hard hitting and makes you look at yourself, the same is true of self defense. 

Self Defense is not pretty.  

We have to deal with the nasty side of life, with the cruel reality, with people who look like people but have lost all resemblance to human beings.

In Utah a young church going Mormon was beaten to death because he wore a red shirt and was suspected of being a member of a rival gang. He and his niece were killed after a concert. They were not gang members, they were not doing anything wrong, and sadly, they were not prepared for this assault.

Comedy is not pretty and neither is self defense. We are not Martial Actors, we are Martial Artists, we practice the art of war, and there has never been a pretty war.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Open your eyes and see reality. We train for reality. 

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