New Student Thoughts
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

February 17, 2020, Los Angeles, Ca, USA

A potential student contacted me. As self defense - Krav Maga instructors, we all go through this; how much does it cost, when are the classes etc? Very standard 

But that is not how I felt this morning.

I understood she is a young student in Israel for a short period of time. She had been exposed to Krav Maga before and she wants to train a little further, gain some self confidence, improve her chances...just in case.

My thoughts turned to her, as a person. I did not think as I was taught in business school, I did not think in terms of the advice I read in "Professional" martial arts publications. I thought of her, as s person. 

She is young, beginning to navigate the world on her own, and she needs some help. I thought of her as I would think of my own daughter, not as a potential source of income. And I thought; what could I offer her?

I am a veteran instructor, more than 30 years of teaching, more than 1,000 international seminars, students in 40 countries, but I thought of this one girl, this one young woman; what could I offer her? How could I help her best?

I began to think of the situations she might face and I wondered what to teach someone who might be small, or petite. 

It is never routine; no two seminars are the same, no two classes are the same, no two students are the same. As a teacher I look at the person and wonder, how can I help this person?

It is not just a matter of adding another student to our roster, increasing our tribe, it is always a matter of the individual. This is how we keep real, pure and honest. 

The world was created for one man so that man should know that each individual is worthy of the entire world having been created for him, or her. Each person is a world.

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