One Sofa Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 3, 2017 Melbourne , Australia

Enjoying Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia, who would have thought, the endless life journey. Sitting in the Sky Bus on the way to the city I was pondering a comment made by Greg after the seminar in Alice Springs. Then I saw a sign. It was an advertisement that read "One sofa, 100 possibilities" and I realized this is exactly what Greg was saying.

The participants at the seminar hosted by Pat are all professionals: prison guards, police, military, bouncers, and martial arts instructors. Pat hand-picked those who could participate in the training.  Greg is already an experienced martial art and Krav Maga instructor, he came to learn and to see if there was anything new out there. He left with a lot to think about. (and many IKI DVDs).

He made the following comment after watching our ground defense techniques. "As I watched each technique I thought, OK, we have something as good as that one, OK we have something comparable to this one. But then after several techniques I began to see the pattern, I saw how one concept united them all and I realized that this is a key advantage. While I might be able to match a technique what I really liked was seeing how all the IKI techniques connect to each other. It makes sense as a system. I have a lot to think about."

And that is when I say, By George I think he's got it!

That in fact is a key element of what makes IKI unique. Knowing techniques is not enough, being able to use them is all that counts. There are many wonderful martial arts out there but if our concern is self defense we have to ask ourselves:

Can we access our self defense tools in a moment of truth?

Will we remember which technique to use, or will we get confused?

Having one sofa with a 100 possibilities, have one master key that unlocks all the true, is the principle  we must follow and adhere. You may see one of our techniques and think, I can match that. Or perhaps you feel your technique is even better. Well, imagine having lots of money in the bank but when you are abroad you find your account is blocked. What can you do? You are stuck. You need easy access to your money. You need easy access to your techniques, your self-defense tools.

We must keep it simple; we must have one thread that unites all our techniques so that they are easy to access. We must have only one sofa but one hundred possibilities.

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