Real Krav Maga for You
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 8, 2018, Israel

You might say there are two kinds of Krav Maga: Real and Reel. i.e. the fantasy movie kind and the real kind that might actually save your life in real life as compared to the superhero in the movie (reel).

I caught a few minutes of the Wonder Woman film while flying El Al, and yes, the training scenes are impressive, but totally unrealistic. No matter how much you train you will not be able to jump off a horse, make a circle in the air while firing a perfect bow and arrow shot and defeating men with rifles. No, this is not REAL, this is REEL. 

And those women, from what I understand, are all young professional athletes in the peak of their careers.  Some are professionals boxers, kickboxers, MMA fighters, competitive athletes, cross fit trainers and so on. prepare for their few minutes in the film they spent an intensive 4 weeks of grueling bootcamp training with a world renowned trainer who pushed them to their limits.  

Is this the model for you? Is this Real or Reel?

When people speak of "Real Krav Maga" they think of tough as nails combat soldiers. They are again, in the peak of their youth, muscular and look like they spend several hours a day in the gym, and I ask, is this you? Does that describe you and your life style? No? Than that is NOT your reality. That is your Fantasy. 

Many students look at these Krav Maga models and fantasize about being like them, so they sign up for classes, or attend their seminars. This is what we call "Krav Maga Wannabees". It is the same concept in advertising; place a beautiful women in a bikini with a martini in her hand, leaning against the car, and car sales soar. 

My mind has never related to this sort of marketing. When I was in business school I raised my hand and asked the professor; "is the girl included with the price of the car?"

But of course not, the idea is the image, success, affluence etc. They play on your emotions but not on your logical mind. Logic is out the window when other elements take over.

Our Krav Maga, IKI Krav Maga, is REAL, for real people, like you and me. 

Want to know what a real Krav Maga instructor looks like? Look at me. 

Moshe Katz at the Western Wall, Jerusalem 

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