Slobs Like Us
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 29, 2017, Israel

We are all wonderful, and we come in different sizes and shapes.

I think the world is for everyone. Now that might seem rather obvious but at no point in our cruel history was that obvious. In fact at any given point there has been some ruler, some empire, some nation who felt they had more of a right to life than others. Many actively sought to eliminate undesirable races or people practicing certain religions.

Do you know what the Romans thought of the Britons? Barbarians! perhaps slightly higher than beasts of the field. And the Druids? The Romans had them slaughtered. And what did the Germans think of the Slavs? Those who believed they were part of a superior nation felt that others are there at best to serve them, at worst to be eliminated "for the betterment of mankind."

Others feel that life is a matter of the survival of the fittest, such is life, the weak and old shall die. But we have never felt this way; the weak and old are to be respected and taken care of.

The video for the song "What if God were one of us" shows ordinary people in the background. This is very unlike other musical videos. Usually we see very attractive young people, women with "perfect" bodies and those who have sculptured their bodies into works of art. The background images for this video are very ....ordinary, and suddenly today it hit me. What if God were one of us? What if God were just a slob like one of us?

Not to put any of us down but most of us are pretty ordinary. We look like those people in the background. There are images of overweight older people enjoying the beach and guess what? They no longer possess "beautiful" bodies. They would certainly not be chosen for Krav Maga websites but they are indeed beautiful, for who they are, for the lives they have lead.

And I realize, we are all slobs trying to make our way home. We are all less than perfect and always striving to improve. We are all lacking in some way. We are those slobs in the background, we are not the perfect people in the magazine.

That is why IKI Krav Maga is designed for everyone, for the fit fighter and the less fit older person. For the perfect athletes at the top and the rest of us (99% of the population). In the end we will all be those less than perfect people in the background and we all have a right to life. 

We come in all sizes and shapes, IKI Gemund, Austria, young and fit fighters with some older and less fit. IKI Krav Maga is for all of us.


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