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July 3-5, El Al, Israel

The content, our precious students, is all that matters. Keep Krav Maga simple and effective so these young people can enjoy a full and happy life, full of fun. (IKI Mexico)

Wisdom can be found anywhere, if you keep your eyes and mind open. 

Over the years, with hundreds of flights all over the world, I have had the frustrating experience of my suitcases being damaged and destroyed many times. Nothing like picking up your new suitcase at baggage claim and finding it missing a wheel, or the handle ripped, or a zipper broken, or being unable to unzip the bag.  At times I have had to purchase a new suitcase right there at the airport. 

Finding just the right suitcase has been a real challenge. Buying new suitcases has become one of the many "hidden" expenses of travel, one of the "costs of doing business" expenses. 

Checking into El Al at the Los Angeles LAX airport I see a disclaimer in English and Hebrew, it was cute, funny, accurate and wise.

It read something along the lines of...Remember that the purpose of your suitcase is to protect its contents. So if your suitcases come out with some nicks, dents, discoloration, etc...keep that in mind.

I had to laugh. In a way that was so Israeli, so much a part of who we are as a people. As the rabbis said so long ago, do not look at the jar, look at the contents.

That is life in Israel. In the El Al business lounge all the Israeli businessmen were dressed in sweatpants and baggy T shirts whereas the Japanese were all in business suits and ties.

"Doesn't make more sense to travel comfortably? the Israeli way?"

Yes, it does, content over appearance. When traveling with El Al you can never tell who is rich or who is poor, who is a businessman and who is a backpacker.

Look at the inside of the person, not the exterior. We have always valued content over appearance. As my grandfather had written on every book that he gave away, "If you possess wisdom, what do you lack? If you lack wisdom, what do you posses?"  

How true. Thank you El Al for the reminder, And I am OK with that, even though I only bought my latest suitcase two trips ago and how it already looks worn out and used. The cost of doing business. The purpose of the suitcase is to protect the contents and all my contents were safe. 

Content over appearance. 

And that is the essence of IKI Krav Maga. 

People have criticized us that on video our style does not "look so tough". Sometimes the simplicity of our style makes it look "easy". We have no need to appear tough or beat people up. In addition, unlike other styles of Krav Maga we do not create the artificial distinction between so called Civilian Krav Maga and Military Krav Maga. 

We do not care what kind of an impression we are making, that is the suitcase, the exterior,  the protection. We care only about the content, you: that is your ability to survive a violent personal attack and get home safely.

Remember, no flash and trash YouTube videos. No fake acting and choreography (leave that to Hollywood, Please!)

Content is all that matters, with suitcases and with your life.

IKI Krav Maga is unlike any other system of Krav Maga. 

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