The Unseen Enemy
by Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 14, 2016, Israel

I pity the fool who does not take measures to protect himself.

World War Two, tough war, great heroes. We have the images of D Day, of the American invasion of Japan, of heroes. The Allied forces faced a very fierce enemy, but at least they knew who that enemy was and where he was.

Yes, facing a fortified and heavily defended position is hell, no doubt about it, but at least you knew where the enemy was. At least he had a uniform, a flag, a country.

Vietnam, less glamorous, less heroes but in a way more challenging. The enemy was unseen. Watch a World War Two film, you will see the Nazis, you will see the Wehrmacht. But in the Vietnam movies we never really see the enemy, the Việt cộng. We see American soldiers, terrified, walking through the forests, the swamps, watching every angle, every direction. The enemy is no where to be seen until...shots are heard and American soldiers are dropping dead all over the place. They were fighting an enemy they could not see. This was a war America could not win.

Today we face a war on terrorism. This emery is more challenging then the previous two. He has no country, no borders, no uniform. He can come from anywhere, he can speak any language, he can attack anywhere and any time.

In our own personal lives, in our individual lives we face an equally dangerous enemy.

Our enemy can be totally unseen, invisible. He can attack us on-line using a cowardly fake name, he can hack into our accounts, he can steal information. He can be a home invader, a rapist, a car-jacker. He can be someone you know, or someone you never met. He can be a work colleague, a relative, or someone from across the ocean. He can attack anywhere, any time.

Your attacker can be armed, or unarmed, he can be using a car as a weapon, or a plane. Perhaps he targeted you or just randomly picked anyone he passed. He is the unseen enemy.

And yet you must be prepared.

You must be prepared and this involves a great deal. You must protect your accounts, your home, your car. You must protect yourself at work, your kids at school, and your family at home. You must or else, as the Greek said, you are a despicable fool.

Survival is a basic human instinct but too many of us get caught up in relatively peaceful lives and lose that instinct. A quick deportation to Auschwitz and those instincts replant themselves.

Do not wait until it is too late. Act now. Foolishness is the father of Regret.

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