There Are Others...
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 14, 2014

We are born happy, I think. Most kids have a natural happiness about them, and they are trusting.

When I worked for the Israeli ministry of education as a Krav Maga instructor, I had to teach first grade through twelfth. Each grade had its challenges.

For the first graders one of the challenges was to teach "Stranger Danger" and how to avoid dangerous people, without scaring or scarring the children. I had to teach them safety without making them feel we live in a terrible world where children become victims.

What a wonderful world it is.

So we are born innocent and then we must be taught to be street wise. We are taught that there are dangers lurking everywhere and that we must not be so naive, innocent and trusting. Our innocence is shattered, for our own good.

As time goes one we become so cynical that we doubt there is any good in the world. A salesman has no interest in helping us, he only wants to take our money. An insurance agent wants our unending business, even the medical field is out for our money, selling us drugs and treatment we do not need.

We are told that a fool and his money are soon parted, and that a sucker is born every day. Our innocence is ripped from us.

So much so that if anyone offers to help us we immediately become suspicious. What do they really want? What is their angle?

Before I agree to your business offer I want to know what is in it for you! Otherwise you are surely a con artist. There are no saints. Even the saints were not saints.

And then...there are others. They stun us, they shock us because they are NOT like this. They are honest and they are caring and it is not always about the Almighty Buck.

During the recent phase of the Arab war against Israel (this segment has been named "Defensive Edge" or צוק איתן") Israelis across the board have shown that spirit that defies money.

Everyone gave without thinking of the costs. Truckloads of food and snacks and blankets were sent to the conflict area. One friend told me that her son gained 11 pounds!! He struggled to lose that weight. Basic training helped him lose 16 pounds but due to the generosity of the people of Israel he gained back the weight in snacks.

But something else really hit me. I receive e mails from a certain Israeli investment company. Usually there are very enticing advertisements encouraging investors to invest in their various projects. But not this time. I received a very unusual letter.

"שלום משה,
ימים לא פשוטים עוברים על כולנו ואנו תקווה כי השקט ישוב אל מחוזותינו בהקדם ומייחלים לחזרתם של כל החיילים בשלום. 

so it began...Hello Moshe, we are going through difficult times and we all hope for the quiet to return and for the safe return of our soldiers."

The letter than continues to speak of "maintaining the norms of life" and goes on. Then they say that instead of their usual practice of advertising they will simply state that anyone interested in investing may turn to their website and look at the opportunities.

No attempt to sell us anything. Just an honest offer, if you are interested in good investments, come to our site.

Amazing. No flash, no lies, no gimmicks, just honest businessmen. How wonderful.

With the recent tragic passing of legendary comedian and actor and nice man Robin Williams stories are beginning to surface about his many secret acts of kindness.

While other "celebs" hire PR teams to build up their image and hide their many many flaws this man modestly and humbly took care of the needy and fulfilled their wishes, while he himself silently suffered.

What a man!!

Yes, there are others, and yes there are people who are genuine, hard to find but they exist. And this is what we must strive to become.

At IKI this is our goal. To give, honestly, at fair prices, to genuinely help others.

We honor the memory of men like Robin Williams by becoming better people ourselves, and better Krav Maga organizations.

So, if you are interested in serious Krav Maga self defense training, please see the link below.

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Yuriko from Chile, one of our wonderful caring IKI Krav Maga instructors.
She came to Israel for Tour and Train along with Ramon, Mauricio and Daniel.

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