By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 7, 2018, Ben Gurion airport, Israel

Mr. Miyagi of Karate Kid.

I landed in Israel after a trip to Rome. As I was walking out and seeing hundreds of people waiting for their loved ones I thought it would be nice to be greeted by someone. Sure enough God responded and in front of me was my sister in law's niece, the lovely Ariella who greeted me with a hug. 

Of course she had no idea I was landing, she was there to greet her boyfriend, but it was great seeing her nonetheless. God works in mysterious ways. As we were chatting a young religious man came over and asked me if I could take a few photos of his arrival in Israel, always a major religious event. I was more than glad to help. For a Jew, arriving in Israel is the fulfilment of a life long dream, a dream of 2,000 years. How honored I am that I merited to play a small role in the arrival of this young religious man.

We continue chatting and a group of young American Jews arrive. They are part of a Taglit program, a program that brings young American Jews to Israel for the first time, to discover their Jewish roots. I ask if perhaps they spotted Ariella's elusive boyfriend. No, I wish them a good trip. 

They are all wearing name tags. I see one with the name Arielle, I lift up her name tag and say to my relative, "Hey, same name as yours", the two girls meet, smile, hi-five, and move on. Our Ariella comments to me, that was a little weird, i.e. that I approached a total stranger and commented about her name tag, but hey, in Israel we are all family.

But then I said, people can see that I am trustworthy, they can see my face. I am not dangerous.

On the way home it hit me. 

In the Krav Maga world there are those who say I am too "Soft", I am not Bad Ass enough, I do not scare people. I like this and I am happy that I am this way. As I proved to several challengers yesterday in Rome, when I need to, I can fight, and fight hard. I accepted all the challengers. 

My students often compare me to Mr. Miyagi of "Karate Kid" fame. I feel no need to intimidate anyone. I do not like to hurt people unnecessarily, but if I must - Trust me, I know how, very well indeed. 

I like being the kind of person whom people know they can approach, hand over their valuable personal camera and ask for a photograph, or a young woman who is not afraid to talk to me and let me see her name tag. I like being a non-intimidating approachable human being.

But, there are those who prefer thugs...

Moshe Katz, peaceful but ...

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