Truthful or Neutral
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 2, 2018, Israel

We are brought up to be polite. We chose the path of neutrality rather than offend someone. We learn to respect the opinion of others, no matter how distasteful or ridiculous  we feel it is. However I believe at a certain point if we follow this path we are bringing destruction to the world.

There is a time to stand up and state your opinion, politely but forcefully.

People send me videos of various forms of self defense systems and ask me my opinion. Or people ask me to "like" their pages on social media in order to increase their ratings. Here is where I draw the line; I cannot endorse a system that I do not believe to be effective nor can I take a stand of neutrality. When lives are on the line I must speak the truth, as best as it is known to me at the time. It is my professional opinion, nothing more, nothing less.

Even when I see most styles of Krav Maga, which I truly believe to be lacking in so many ways, I cannot be "polite and professional" and say something like, "Yes, every system has its advantages".

What if someone got killed after training in a certain style because I refused to be blunt? What would a doctor say about a drug or treatment he deemed to be dangerous? Should he take a stand of neutrality in order to be polite?

I would rather be truthful than neutral.


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