two milk shakes 

August 26, 2021  Troy, Ohio, USA

On a flight to Hong Kong I saw a film about the founding of the McDonalds' restaurant chain and empire. I wrote a blog called McDonalds Mcdojo and Krav Maga. The movie was actually profound in many ways, and I highly recommend it. I was asked recently why I wish to spread IKI Krav Maga, why I want a bigger influence in the Krav Maga, after all I have already made IKI an internationally respected name, we have been in 40 countries, having a major impact, how much more does one want?

But this is not about business, this is not about market share. This is about the difference between two milk shakes; the original milk shake served by the McDonalds' brothers and the commercial one which businessman Ray Croc replaced it with. 

The original founders, the two humble McDonalds brothers, had a goal of providing healthy nutritious food, quickly and inexpensively. They made a living but they did not become business tycoons. 

Enter Ray Croc, watch the movie, he slowly takes over the business, eventually eliminating the original brothers and stealing their name. Now he replaces the milk shake; he presents his investors with two milk shakes, they taste the same, they look the same. All good. 

Now the punch line, one is just a powder with all sorts of chemicals. It actually contains no milk. The investors object, at first, but eventually the huge difference in profit wins them over. 

This, in a nut shell, is what IKI is all about, and why I want to spread IKI. All over the world I see the "other" Krav Maga, the instant powered Krav Maga, the fake milk shake. It looks great, it feels great, but eventually it will fail you. 

The cheap milkshake is fine, but eventually your body will experience the difference. In the long run your health will deteriorate, as has happened all over America and the world which has adopted the American fast food lifestyle. We are reaping the results. Forget Corona, obesity is the number one killer, poor nutrition is the number one killer. 

I want my milk shake, IKI Krav Maga, out there because I see the truth, I see the cool bad ass Krav Maga that actually does not serve the purpose of the practitioner. In the moment of truth, if that comes, these styles will fail. And that is why I want these people learning IKI Krav Maga. One looks good, what tastes good, what feels real, is often fake and false.

To understand the actual difference and the truth in what I am saying you will have to attend a class. sorry no short cuts. This is just the message, the prophet calling in the wilderness, but you will have to come to a class and see what it is all about. Some things need to be experienced. 

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