Violence Justified
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

December 11, 2016, Israel

We all grew up fighting, that is normal. And invariably the teacher/parent hears the words, "But he/she started it".

And the parent/teacher tries to tell us that it does not matter who started it. Well, I am not so sure.

The Nazis started World War Two and the Allies responded with fire and brimstone and with "but they started it", can the two be seen as equally guilty? NO.

The Americans dropped atomic bombs on Japan after Japan attacked the USA without a declaration of war on a beautiful Sunday morning. And yes, it does matter who started it.

Now here is an interesting fact: all sides justify their violence and all claim they are acting in self defense.

In the year 70 the Romans and attacked Jerusalem, destroyed the city and burnt our holy temple to the ground. Believe it or not history records that they felt, they believed, they knew, that they were acting in self defense. Yes, as odd as it may sound, you travel thousands and thousands of miles on foot to attack a foreign city and it is an act of self defense, at least in the mind of the attacker. You will not convince him otherwise.

June 22, 1941 the German army, the Wehrmacht attacks the Soviet Union with the aim of enslaving the Slavic people's and making Lebensraum, living space, for the Germanic people. They commit genocide against the Jewish people and massacre plenty of others as well: political leadership, the commissars of the Communist party, and basically anyone who got in the way. Unspeakable atrocities take place. 

Yet go on the history channel, watch documentaries with German World War Two veterans and you will see how they truly believed that they were "defending Europe and European civilization" from the Barbaric hordes of the east. They believed, they knew, that future generations would thank them.

Now to our own times, Islamic terrorism, Muslim children being indoctrinated to hate, children in kindergarten putting on a graduation show where they are dressed as terrorists and are attacking Israeli soldiers and killing civilians. 

And then... a message that they are a peace loving nation. Yes, they truly believe this. They believe they are fighting for peace. They who turned down all offers of peace, they who benefit from the generosity of Israel, Israeli hospitals, doctors and technology, they who kill, kill, kill, claim to be acting in the name of peace. Yet they believe it.

The Muslim children of today are the same as the Hitlerjugend of the 1930-40s', the Hitler Youth of the Nazi era. They are more fanatical than their elders because they were raised with this reality. And listen here: they are very dangerous.

Nothing but utter defeat, unconditional surrender, stopped the Nazis and prevented the world from plunging into an era of Fascist dictatorships. Today we face the same situation on a global/national level and on a personal level.

On a personal level that person coming to rob you truly believes he is justified. He sees your nice home, your new car and your nice clothes and he says- I deserve that!

In a recent case where an American home owner shot and killed a home invader the family of the dead thief were enraged. "How else can he get the things he needs and wants!"

Yes, they felt stealing from those who have more than them is justified. Professional killers always feel justified. Everyone feels justified.

So rather than trying and convince the Romans, The Nazis, The Fanatical Muslim terrorists and the home invaders that they are wrong, I suggest you put the question of "Who started it" aside and get yourself ready, by all means possible.

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