Whom Can You Trust Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

January 14, 2019, Israel

IKI, a name you can trust.

One of the greatest challenges to training is finding a suitable, reliable, authentic, honest instructor. If you choose the wrong one, you are going down the wrong path, and this can have disastrous results. Not only will you waste time and money, you might lose your life if you actually have to use these techniques in a life and death situation. But most likely you will spend a lot of money before that happens. 

Naturally each instructor will tell you he is the best, the most authentic, and that only suitable candidates will earn their black belts etc. Each instructor will tell you his students have passed rigorous training etc to earn their ranks. And naturally each instructor will boast that they are at least a 9th dan grandmaster, have trained the president, the pope, and the Pied Piper.

So what can a beginner do?

There are some things you can do. 

Ask around - You can ask around, speak to others who trained with them, get some feedback. However this is only partially successful as everyone has an opinion, and some people have incorrect opinions. How can you have an incorrect opinion? Easily, you don't understand enough to have a well founded factually based opinion. What else?

Try to verify credentials - Sometimes this work, sometimes not, I share all my diplomas and say how to contact those who issued them. I can back up all my claims, can others do this?

While we all list our credentials (as you have a right to know this) most legitimate instructors rather teach than talk. If your future instructor starts telling you tales of bravery, boasts of commanding special units, of having trained the CIA, the FBI etc...well, you might want to take a step back.

Exaggerated claims - If it sounds fishy it probably is. I have met dozens of people who claim to be Muay Thai world champions, so I take it with a grain of salt. If someone claims to have been a member of the Mossad, or trained by the Mossad, or chief trainer of the Israeli army, or of any army, most likely he is telling a fib. Those people don't need to train you and they don't need to tell stories. I have met people in those positions, the legitimate ones are very humble. Tall tale = big lies. 

Money - check the prices. Usually the more commercial schools will charge more for black belts, certification etc. And usually your "progress" will depend more on your ability to pay than on your ability to defend yourself.

If you can earn an instructor certificate in two days, enough said. If you can earn a black belt in a 5 day course, enough said. 

With us certification has several levels, each level must be earned and approved by several instructors.

On our IKI Black Belt page we have each member answer several questions, such as: other ranks, number of years in training, number of seminars attended. By this you can see how legitimate they are. All have a vast amount of experience before earning their black belts. This is important for prospective students to know. This shows that no one can buy their black belts, they must be earned over a long period of training. 

Many martial arts instructors are in the "Get rich quick" scheme. Be careful not to get scammed. We are need to make a living, I always make that clear. I am not a communist and not a "Trust fund baby", work hard and get paid, but don't be a swindler. 

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