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February 14, 2014, American Airlines, Flight 2442, delayed, coffee served....

Rachel training Krav Maga at Champions gym in Colorado Springs, USA.

I noticed Rachel at our wonderful three days of training in Colorado Springs (Colorado, USA) She was hard to miss as she had her arm in a sling. She reminded me of our fine students in Frogner, Norwaywho had suffered a terrible motorcycle accident which left him with only one arm. 

Rachel had a great attitude, she was looking forward to the Krav Maga seminar and her recent injury was not going to stop her.

She had slipped outsider on the ice, it was freezing in Colorado, and she landed hard on the pavement and badly her her arm. She told me she was icing her arm to reduce the swelling and the pain. 

I thought that was ironic: Ice was the cause of her injury and ice was helping her heal. I pointed this out to her and she said further: "At night to relax I have a drink and I always have it with ice"

Ice caused the injury, ice is helping reduce the swelling and pain, and at night a drink with ice, "on the rocks" helps her relax. (part of the healing process).

Ice is just an object, water in another form. Ice did not cause the injury, but was a factor in the injury. Remember "Caution, wet floor". Cuidado, piso mojado.

An object can hurt, an object can heal, an object can bring comfort. It all depends on how we use it. We can make the object work for us or we can allow it to work against us. 

When I teach Krav Maga many experienced martial artists have trouble at first; they do not want to look bad, they do not want to be a white belt again. So they anticipate the attack and nothing works as it should.

I teach them that in real life there is surprise, it is unavoidable, that is simply the nature of things. We cannot eliminate fear or surprise from the equation, they exist. Fear and Surprise are components of life itself. So we include that in our IKI Krav Maga training. We "allow" ourselves to be caught by surprise, off guard. However, we do not allow the surprise to be our enemy, we use the surprise to our advantage. 

Use the surprise to your advantage. Utilizar la supressa a tu ventaja. Utilizzare la sorpresa a tu vantaggio.

Like the ice, surprise can be to our advantage, or disadvantage, the choice is ours.  

In our training we must allow the natural elements of real world conflict to be present. We want Reality Training, not dojo training.

We train to use the natural elements, natural reactions and natural obstacles to our advantage. And there will always be obstacles, in life and in self-defense situations. (as I am typing up my notes from my airline napkins I am I am grounded due to the snow.)

The ice is neither good nor bad, it just is. We live, we train, we grow, with what is. 

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