Belts; how to pass a krav maga test
by Moshe Katz, CEO, Israeli krav international 

November 27, 2013 

How to Pass a Krav Maga Test 

I should phrase this "How to pass an IKI Krav Maga test", which apparently is not the same as in other places. Recently I have been disappointed with some of the video tests that have been sent it, but, I have also been pleasantly surprises by some.  It saddens me to no pass someone, and it frustrated me to see someone who is not really trying.  As my teacher used to say, " I want to see you hunger!"   I want to see that this is really important to you, that you want it the way a hungry man wants food. When I was testing for rank it took my full attention, devotion, energy; whatever was necessary.

We shall discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly, and show you how to pass your IKI Krav Maga rank test, especially for the higher ranks, in person,  or via video (on line). 

What Not to Do

Do not send me technique of you Kung Fu, yes, I have seen this. 

Do not send me videos of you doing techniques that you learned years ago from another Krav Maga association. If you do not know it by now, we are not like the other schools. We have different techniques which we quite humbly consider superior.

Please do not send me techniques from the "Old Krav Maga".  I am not interested in what you learned elsewhere, I only want to see IKI techniques.

Take the time to study the video clips, the DVDs, that I sent you. 

What  to Do

So what am I looking for? If in person, I don't want to have to tell you what to do, I want you to show me what you know, without being directed. You should know the techniques and the situations that we cover. On a video I do not need to see every single technique/situation but I need to know that you understand the essence of IKI, I need to see a sampling of every type of technique and situation.

I need to see that you understand how the techniques are applied, a few techniques in each category will be enough for me to know. A gun to the head, a gun to the head with a wrist grab, gun to the back, gun to the back while pushing, gun to the side from close up. The principles are the same, but I need to see that you understand how and why the techniques work.  

I recall some tests that made me happy; Keith from Florida sent it a video test. Allow me to tell you how I felt; As I watched him move, and as I listened to him explain the techniques, I felt as I was watching my own soul in another man's body. If was as if the disc from my brain was not installed into another person's heart and mind. He performed the techniques fluently and flawlessly. He explained their applications and why they were practical, efficient and superior to older methods.  And then, he went a step further. He understood the techniques so well that he explained concepts which I use but which I never really articulated or put into words. It was as if he were reading my thoughts and expressing them verbally. This is what it means to understand IKI. He was explaining things that I was only thinking but not saying on the DVDs. Watching this on line video test showed how well our system and our  on line program works. 

In Canada there were two members, Louisa Weizmann and James Chartier. They have become the model for that I want to see in a test.

They watched, they studied my DVDS and video clips so well that the only words I need to say were: OK, lets' start. From then they move on from situation to another, I never needed to say a word. It was again, like watching myself in another body.  That is what I want to see in a test.

So study my clips, film yourself, and then, BEFORE sending them to me, sit with a friend, watch my clip, watch your own clip,  and ask yourself: Are they the same? If yes, send it on to me. If not, repeat the above process.

James and Louisa, Vancouver, Canada,  

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