krav maga and the computer world
by Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

2009 Winter Tour

I am on the road these days, Krav Maga seminar tour of the USA and Canada. I had been doing my writing on my recently purchased tiny "notebook" lap top. And then, just as I though I was part of the cool lap top computer generation, I ran into a snag; my word document stopped working, just like that, suddenly and without so much as a warning.

Not being a computer expert, and not having my computer experts around me, I began to try and figure this out on my own, but without much success. I began networking and asking people, and finally I started a series of phone calls; to the store where I purchased the computer, to the computer manufacturer, back to the store and around again. This wasted a lot of my precious time and energy. Finally I understood the problem, and the solution (proof being that I am writing this blog on said computer). As it turns out the entire issue was quite simple and could have been explained in less than 10 seconds rather easily.

Here is the issue: I am not a computer expert, I have very little interest in computers, I do not intend to spend years training to become a computer expert, yet I do no need to use a computer and understand the basics. When a knowledgeable person explains the issue to me, simple and concisely, I understand it right away and I am able to use this information. Without this explanation however, I am stuck wasting much valuable time and energy trying to figure out on my own or searching in  "all the wrong places".  

Suddenly it hit me; the problem here is the computer people were not using the IKI Krav Maga approach to their business.

How so?

I have a friend who trained in Okinawa in traditional karate. He learned several katas (Pre - arranged forms) yet did not really understand the moves he was doing (and teaching!) After ten years of training he returned to Okinawa and asked his instructor about a certain technique, a move in the Kata. "Is this a block or a strike?" the teacher answered with a knowing smile," Ah, in time that answer shall come to you, maintain your daily practice".

In IKI Krav Maga we do not use this approach. I have trained in many styles and have gained knowledge from some of the finest instructors of this generation. When I teach I present the best, most practical, easy to learn techniques that I have distilled from decades of hard training. I have done the work, I have done the traveling, the searching, the fighting and the bruising. What I want to give you is the benefit of my experience, the easy to digest product that has emerged. I do not want to send you on a wild goose chase and I do not want to leave you to have to reinvent the wheel and start from scratch. Of course in time you may do your own research and add your own insights, but at this point, as your expert and guide, I will give you the easiest way to learn, I will save you the time and effort. The Krav Maga approach to this computer situation, which so frustrated me on the road, would have been as follows: When I purchased the product, the salesman should have said, "You will not be able to use word documents unless you purchase the extra program at $150. Otherwise your word documents will shut down after a few weeks without warning. However if you click on a certain icon you can begin writing, for free, no fuss, no mess."

Had someone explained this to me at the start, I could have saved a great deal of time, effort and aggravation.

This is the IKI Krav Maga approach; get to the essential point quickly, respect the peoples' time. You are the expert, make it easy for them to learn, make the information accessible and usable to them. It should not be that difficult. 

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