Krav Maga Innovations
By Moshe Katz, CEO Israeli Krav International

IKI instructors Tony Preston, Moshe Katz, Serve Honee in Paris, France, the Krav Maga discussion never ends.

Krav Maga Innovations

In today's fast changing world we are constantly innovating the idea of innovations. The nature of change is changing. Technologies change before most of us have a chance to even learn how to use them. As soon as you figure out how to use one phone there is already a new phone on the market. Today's teenagers expect a new phone to develop every few months. The pace of change is scary.

If your computer breaks down you cannot simply replace it, you must upgrade it. Last year's model, that you finally learned how to use, is gone. It has gone the way of the dinosaurs, never to return. You will not find it anywhere.  You must accept that.

After email came Facebook, instant messaging, ICQ, What's Up and all sorts of other "instant communication" that I am having trouble following. But if you do not catch up you will fall behind. Someone sends you an important message on Whats Up but you don't have it, what will you do?

I received, or actually did not receive, an important photo about a T shirt design on "Whats Up" but I did not yet have this "Application" and did not see the photo on time. This causes a communication gap in business. Beware the gap, do not fall in.

Change is happening so fast…in some fields.

But yet in other areas if you are to so much as question something you are outside the consensus, you are a trouble maker and a rebel-rouser. Why the double standard?

People publish the "Bible of Krav Maga", the implication is clear; this is not to be challenged, changed or modified.

It took me a long time to make the change. Years ago my favorite word in my martial arts vocabulary was "Tradition". Far be it from me to change the slightest point. Master say – Student do. Tradition!

Professor Cohen helped break me out of this concept.  He challenged my way of thinking. I soon realized that self defense neither begins nor ends with the physical. It neither begins nor ends with techniques.

He opened my eyes to the many flaws in the system, in conventional security, in the way "things are done".

My mind began to think differently. I was no longer content with mastering techniques that I was taught. And I was no longer content with techniques alone.

The mind, the environment, the nature of physiology, the interplay of circumstances, suddenly the field of self-defense grew so much larger. The big picture became much bigger.

Just as with telephones and computers our style of Krav Maga, IKI Krav Maga, began changing at an accelerated rate, we were changing the idea of change.The way things change had changed.

From one seminar to another students noted faster, smoother, simpler versions of previously taught techniques. I realized that investing large sums of money in Krav Maga DVDs was a waste; as soon they would need to be changed.

We were innovating the idea of Krav Maga innovation.

Our techniques became more distilled, easier to understand. All techniques became streamlined into a few basic easy to understand concepts. Soon students who learned these concepts would find it much easier not only to remember the techniques but also to apply the concepts to previously untried situations. In "real time" on the street and in homes they found that these concepts worked.

First time students successfully defended themselves on the street.

The pace of learning accelerated.We found ways to shorten the learning process and quicken the pace of absorption.

We realized we could and must help more people. Our weakness is in marketing, reaching more people. All we offer is purity and quality and heart. And we hope our heart goes out to the world and finds a willing audience.

We want a simple system that works for everyone.

Krav Maga is not only for the tough and young, IKI Krav Maga is for everyone. It is not only for career martial arts instructors.

It is for Law enforcement but not only for law enforcement.

It is for soldiers, but not only for soldiers.

It is for college students who do not have the time or interest to spend years training, but it is not only for them.

It is for teenagers who do not want to live in the gym, but it is not only for them.

Simple, Direct, Real, Effective. We are innovating the way Krav Maga is taught because we do not want to limit this right of self-defense only to the strong.

We are innovating the way we innovate Krav Maga.

The Fast Way to Learn Krav Maga Is...

 A combination of the On Line Krav program, and personal training either with Tour and Train, or by hosting and attending seminars.

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