krav maga on - line testing, and passing 

How can one pass an On Line Krav Maga test.

At Israeli Krav International (IKI) we understand that not everyone can come to Israel for extensive training, not everyone can host week-long training sessions, so we offer options.

Not only do we offer many options for training but we feel that a combination of options is the best.

In the "Old days" you came to class, learned a technique and tried to remember it. You might not see that technique again for some time (depending on how structured the lessons are in that particular school). You did not have a video or a DVD to go back to for reference or to take another look once you got home.  Personally, during class I would grab a napkin or a scrap of paper and make a quick drawing of the new technique. When I would come home and pull out the crumpled napkin or scrap of paper, I was not always sure of what I had drawn. Often I could not tell what was a leg, what was an arm etc.   

Thus, DVDs and On-Line programs add a great deal even to the regular dojo student who faithfully attends class three times per week. (In my case it was more like 10 lessons per week). The student can look at the technique, again and again, in slow motion, and make sure they understand it correctly.

We are all different and we learn differently. Some people can do great with only the On-Line program while others must have a hands-on teacher. Personally I feel a combination of the two is best. While a great deal can be learned from a video there are still nuances that can only be picked up in person. 

What we offer;,

The first thing is; you must be a member of our on-line training and receive daily video clips.

On line Training program.

Once you join the on line distance training program. We also offer detailed, step by step, easy to follow DVDs.

We offer seminars around the world (contact us if you wish to host a seminar).

We offer our famous Tour and Train Israel Experience program.

We offer our Five Day Training camp. 

We offer private lessons, weekly group lessons. 

How to Test On Line, and Pass

If you choose to test on-line there are some things you should know. The first is the procedure. 

Procedure for Testing On Line

Before you send in any video clips, you need to pay for the testing. Viewing the videos members send it is a long and tedious process. I make notes on every video I see. Often I have to write detailed explanations on corrections to be made. 

I will not view any videos until payment for the test has been made. 

Where to Pay?

You can pay on line on several page on our site. 

IKI Membership

IKI Certification

The payment is nonrefundable. I.e. If you did not pass on your first try, you are not entitled to a refund. I have already put in a great deal of time and effort. The payment is gone. 

However you need pay only once; Even if you do not succeed at first, you can try again, and again, and again, and you will never have to pay a second time. With most Krav Maga associations if you did not pass the test you need to reapply and pay again. With us you can continue until you pass. You never have to pay twice, no matter how long it takes.

I once watched 89 videos for a belt test. The student needed to retest. All that time was already "spent". 

Submitting Videos

You can send me short video clips via e mail. Or you can send a link to a private you tube page. Your videos are private and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

The Actual Testing

Here is the key: Watch the video carefully. If you have a teacher, train with him. If you have a teacher only test he feels you are ready.  Once you are ready to film, make sure you have a decent camera. Make sure the video is not upside down or sideways (yes, this has happened and by the time the test is over my neck really hurts). 

When you have completed a video, look back on it. Take out the IKI DVD or video clip that I sent you, watch them side by side and compare. 

Do they look the same?

It is a good idea to have someone else take a look as well. Have them watch my video and then your video, ask them, do these two videos look the same. If not, don't send it. Go back and get the technique correct. 

Often, I receive video clips where I can't even identify the technique. And sometimes I receive clips that are not even IKI techniques.

Don't Mix and Match - I once received a very long DVD from a student who wished to test. When I questioned him about the content he openly admitted that he decided to send me a "Greatest Hits" of everything he had learned from several different Krav Maga instructors. 

Don't do this!

I don't want to see techniques from other Krav Maga associations. Make sure you only send me IKI techniques, and make sure they are current. That means you need to be up to date on the recent IKI developments, be a member of the on line program or a student of someone who is. Make sure you have viewed the latest DVDs. 

Bottom line: double check everything before sending it in. Value your time and mine. If I view 6 videos and they are all "off", I will stop viewing the rest and simply ask you to train a little longer and send in an entirely new batch of videos. 

Watch your video, watch my video, and watch your video again, do they match?

If the answer is yes, send it in. 

Good luck.

Time Between Ranks

Unlike other systems there is no set time between ranks. Everyone progresses at their own pace. Some people are more talented, others need more time. Some students devote 5 hours per day to training, others only have time for once a week. Some students purchase every DVD, every Vimeo and attend seminars and come for Tour and Train. Others rely only on the videos I send out as part of the online program. All these are factors in how long it will take you to progress. Therefore, there is no set time between ranks. 

How to pass a Krav Maga test

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