Self Defense Now
By Moshe Katz

August 6, 2013

But What about Now?

Imagine; your neighbor just got held up at gun point. Imagine; armed criminals just ran into your office and robbed everyone. Imagine; someone you know was raped. Imagine; these things have not happened yet, but you want to prevent them from happening.

So you decide to take action.  You get an alarm system, yes, that is important.  You make some home improvements that will make your home, or your office, safer, that is also important. And then you decide, that's it! I am going to sign up for Karate classes, or maybe Kung Fu and become like Bruce Lee.


Now, all who have trained with me know that I hold the traditional arts in great respect, they are the foundation from which we build all effective self defense. The movements, the strikes, the take-downs, all have their roots in the traditional arts, and yet, the traditional arts are not going to save you today.


The reasons are many, most of which have already been discussed by some great minds, including Bruce Lee. The arts have become like a religion; followed blindly without any thought or question, irrelevant to most people, not adaptable to modern needs. The roots are solid by the tree is not providing any shade for us today.

So you say, That's it. And off you go to your first lesson.

First you are told you must sign up for a year. Then you must buy a white gi, or a black gi, depending on the style. You must spend another $40 on the appropriate patches. You must learn some dojo etiquette and rituals.

You finally begin training.  You get into a deep horse stance, or a cat stance. You are told to make all sorts of breathing sounds and balance yourself on one leg while shouting something in a language you do not understand.

And you then you are told that it will take years, many years, of this sort of training before you can develop any sort of real skill, if ever…

But what about now? What about the trip home? What about today?

Yes, I am impatient and in Israel that is a virtue. I want answers and I want them yesterday, because that is when I need them.

Now of course no style can be learned in one day, in one lesson. But with IKI Krav Maga from the first conversation you are learning things that will help you NOW!

From the first lesson you are learning things that you can use; techniques, concepts, mindset, safety tips, attitude.

My teacher Arthur Cohen went way beyond the physical. He was and is ahead of his time, a true innovator. He would come over and show me his new toys; a dozen different weapons that all can get through the TSA inspection at the airport, but nobody was listening.

He was telling me that all your joint locks go straight out the window when the thugs are smearing cream all over their arms, how the hat is a weapon for offense and defense, how your karate kicks will not work when on a Coast Guard boat, your strikes will not penetrate a winter coat in Alaska. Think outside the box and give me solutions that I can start using today.

Today: if you do not survive today than tomorrow will never come. Do not give me a stance that will take five years to perfect. Give me a stance I can use today because I might get attacked on the way home, Give me something I can use.

With IKI Krav Maga we are always looking for better solutions, better ways to learn, better ways to retain the techniques. Why? Because our students need answers now.

Flash back…I am in High School, Hebrew Academy, we have a guest speaker. Some Karate guy, a nice Jewish Karate guy. I don't recall his talk, only that I found it boring. But I do remember a question from one of the students. Funny how after all these years that question suddenly popped into my  head, it was….

"But what can we do until we master Karate? What can you tell us that will help us today? (as you have just scared us all half to death.)

The answer…, "well, ahh, you see, try and stay safe until you come to my class and master Karate."

Great answer! That tells me all I have to know. But that is not our way, not anymore.

At IKI Krav Maga, from your first pre-class conversation you will be picking up useful hints, simple approaches, things that can help you now.

Learning never stops. As time goes on you will continue to improve, to gain ability and confidence, but my goal is that from our very first conversation you will be absorbing information that you can use. Here. Now.

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I will not teach you traditional arts, but I will draw on their great lessons. I will not make you stand in a horse stance for an hour, or throw a punch 500 times while shouting "Kia". But I will train you with proven and tested techniques that you can pick up quickly; Easy to learn, easy to retain, easy to apply in multiple situations.

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