We Are the World of Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

August 12, 2014

IKI South Africa, training for the needs of South Africa, and the world.

I have just returned from a very educational experience in South Africa. I spent ten days teaching Krav Maga but I also spent ten days learning about South Africa.

Yes, I am always learning and the first thing I do when I arrive in a new country is....Ask questions of the locals.

I want to learn what their challenges are, I want to understand the dangers that they face. I also read books about their history and I am always asking, asking, asking...

Bruce Lee said it best, no matter if you are Black, White or Asian we all have the same bodies. A punch is a punch, a kick is a kick. We have the same limbs, bones and muscles.

But yet the challenges we face are a little different in each country.

So the basic idea is always the same, the fundamentals and principles are the same, but the particulars of the situation mean we have to adapt slightly to those circumstances. We do not change the technique, we apply the principle to the new situation.

IKI Krav Maga is adaptable to every country and every environment. A knife is a knife and a gun is a gun. But the style and the methods of attack differ.

There is no need to create a new Krav Maga for each and every country, not at all, but we do need to be aware of tactical differences, difference in attitude and intent.

Tactical differences are area specific techniques; How do they hold the knife or the gun, do they swing their arms a certain way etc.

Attitude is how they approach a potential victim.

Intent is simply are they after your money or your life or to take you as a hostage.

All these factors change the way we prepare ourselves, but these are modifications only. There is no need to create a new system.

As a student recently pointed out at one of my seminars, "Moshe travels the world and the world travels to Moshe, as such his perspective is wider than most of us locals".

This is true. We have members in about 35 countries and students from about 40 countries have visited us on our Tour and Train program here in Israel. Each person brings a unique perspective. As much as I am teaching I am also learning.

In addition with our Krav On Line Distance training I receive questions from all over the world. This benefits all our members world wide as we learn about attacks that may not yet be common in our specific area. This serves to broaden our horizons.

A question from South Africa about an attack with a "garden fork". Or a question from Slovakia about a "Gypsy attack", or a question from prison guards in the USA. A pilot, a flight attendant; each one offers us something unique.

Every imaginable question comes across my desk, and we solve these problems for our students/clients.

Israeli Krav International. We start in Israel, We give you the Israeli spirit, the Jewish fighting spirit of 3,600 years. We go from Israeli Krav to "International". The international part enriches the Israeli Krav part. Together IKI - Israeli Krav, Krav International gives us a unique advantage over limited local schools.

A global perspective is much richer than a guy who never left his own neighborhood. 

Car jacking is a common problem in South Africa. Here in Durban we are training people to overcome these challenges. We listen and we learn and we respond with solutions that work.

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