Krav Maga: What We Can Do
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

June 26, 2014, Maaleh Adumim, Israel, and the boys are still not home

Moshe Katz, patiently teaching in Sardegna, Italy. Raising a generation of new Krav Maga instructors.

Yesterday I was in our Maaleh Adumim mall and a young man in uniform approached me.

He is tall, well built, confident, he is a soldier of Israel. He is a member of an elite combat unit and he is involved daily in the search for the three young men recently taken by our enemies.

But I remember him differently. I remember him with this sisters, a young boy, small, lacking in confidence, awkward.

His mother brought him and his sisters to me. The father was not well and the children needed guidance.

Over the years when I would chance upon their dear mother she would throw lavish praises my way, "You have no clue what you did for my family, I cannot thank you enough. You have no idea what you gave my children".

She is correct; I have no idea.

But those kids suffered another loss. Their mother recently had a stroke and is no longer functioning, that makes two out of two parents out of commission. But the kids are all grown up and totally independent. According to their mother I have a share in this success.

IDF soldiers; Searching for our boys night and day.

The other day Esther said to me, "I wish I could participate in the searches, I feel so helpless".

Yes, we all want to help. No one wants to sit on the sidelines and wait for the news. I also want to help. But I am no longer of military age and no one is about to return me to active duty, although if they would I would jump at the opportunity of course. But my time for that has passed.

I think of this young man, a soldier of Israel, and I think I had some share in that story, as well as hundreds of others that I trained over nearly two decades. 

So I continue, and I teach. And I teach, here there and everywhere, wherever someone is interested in learning, in growing.

I teach what works and I see young people and old grow in confidence and ability.

Not all of us can be on the front lines, not all of us will be in the front pages, but if we believe in what we do then whatever share we have will suffice.

I look at that young man, a proud soldier of our nation and I can pat myself on the shoulder and say, "You did OK". I played my part. I raised many children into proud soldiers and good citizens.

May we be blessed with many children.

Moshe with Bobby, Israeli Defense Forces, a few years back. For everything there is a season...

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