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Krav Maga Test

By Moshe Katz, Krav Maga Instructor, Israel

IKI Instructors Tim Garrett and Lee Nettles

I have my own way of testing.

What is a test? It is simply an evaluation of where a student is at the moment. One never "fails" my tests, they just receive feedback and encouragement. Everyone progresses at their own pace.

Here are some examples of passing a test.

I teach a new technique, i.e. a new application. I ask one of our instructors to try. He performs it flawlessly the first time, he "got it." He fully understood the technique at once and made it his own. What more do I need to see?

Our system is based on concepts, if I see that he understands the concept I know he is doing IKI the right way.

I am teaching a seminar, one of our instructors drove 3 hours to attend and now I see that he has adopted a beginner and is helping her understand the IKI concepts. Without being asked he is helping me. I listen closely and I hear his explanations, I see his body movements. He "got it". He understands what I am teaching. He passed!

I do not need a student to stand in front of a panel of judges and say, "I am now going to perform Kata number 374!"

I do not need that.

I demonstrate a technique, not a new one, one I have sent out via our Krav On Line program. It is also on our IKI Krav Maga DVDs. A student looks confused, bewildered, huh? Can you show me that again?

I am sorry, but this student is not ready to test.

I send out video clips on our On Line program. An instructor writes back that he has "modified the IKI techniques to make them safe for his students."

Oh my!

That means he thinks my techniques are unsafe!

If you have doubts about a technique you are free to express them. No, you are encouraged to express them, in a polite and respectful way. But you are not free to "modify" a technique and continue teaching under the IKI banner.

Let me repeat that, if you are modifying IKI techniques without consulting IKI, you are not free to do so under the IKI banner as you misrepresenting me and IKI. You are teaching your own "modifications" and claiming my endorsement. This is misrepresentation. I stand by what I teach, not by the modifications of others.

You have an issue? Great, write to me, show me, but do not start teaching something else.

If the technique is not good - we will all change. Many changes have made due to the suggestions of students. We are always evolving. I depend on your questions!

In most cases when an instructor says he feels the technique is unsafe it tells me that he does not fully understand the technique. In the vast majority of cases I am able to see where he/she is having trouble and I can easily correct them and guide them. At that point they say..."Ah, now I get it, thanks!"

I will present a new situation. A student/instructor will say, "Hey, we can simply apply another IKI technique in the following way..."

That student understands IKI. Passed.

What am I looking for in the higher levels? Understanding the concepts, seeing the future, applying the concepts, being inside my head, "Getting it!"

When I see that - You passed.

Now keep training...

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