Real Self Defense Today
By Moshe Katz 
Israeli Krav International

April 8, 2018, Israel

Real self defense involves avoiding this situation.

What is real self defense?

There are many people who say they want to learn to defend themselves but what they really want is to be Ninjas. They want black belts, they want cool moves, they want a little bit of glory. They are drawn to fancy and flashy techniques, to the Flash and Trash. The imagine themselves the next super action hero. They are not looking for true self defense.

What if I told you that back spinning kicks will not really be useful in real life situations, would you still want to learn them?

What if I told you that the YouTube YouBoob Krav Maga is actually more likely to get you killed, would you still want to learn it?

What if I told you that a lecture or a book will give you more real self defense that all the push ups in the word, the six pack abs and biceps, would you be disappointed?

In America these days people are marching and shouting that all citizens must be disarmed, all guns must be collected and destroyed. They are marching, protesting and shouting, And they claim they are doing it in the name of self defense. They claim they want to put an end to the senseless killing.

But do they really care about safety? If so where are the protests about the hundreds of people that die every day from drug abuse? What about the car accidents caused daily by teenagers and adults who are texting with driving, or scrolling down to check out Facebook feeds while driving? Where are protests to confiscate cell phones from such drivers, along with their drivers license? If you truly care about human life than these deaths should trouble you as much as the relatively few deaths caused by mass shootings.

True self defense is really not cool. True self defense begins with the lessons you were taught in kindergarten; look both ways before crossing the street, beware of strangers, don't follow temptations. 

How about addictive gambling, smoking, obesity or drinking? These are the real killers, yet no one seems to be marching about these. Actually there was a time when drinking became illegal, it led to the rise of organized crime to previously unforeseen levels. 

True self defense is not always pretty and it is not always what we think. Sure at some point every martial arts student dreams of pulling off some really cool self defense move and having it caught on camera for the evening news but real self defense begins with far less dramatic moves; learning what to avoid, learning whom to avoid, understanding the culture of crime, safe driving, not drinking and driving, not texting and driving. Most self defense is not pretty.

At IKI we keep our self defense real, simple and practical. It is not flashy but it works. It is simple, easy to learn and easy to apply, so what are you waiting for?

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