She Knows Krav Maga
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

May 6, 2016, Israel

Recently there has been a video, claimed to be from a surveillance camera in an Israeli night club, of an Israeli girl beating up a couple of "thugs" who tried to touch her. The caption is "Israeli girl knows Krav Maga".

There are a few myths being used over here. Firstly from what I can see the entire thing looks staged and fake, but even if it were real I would not be interested in it.

Even if a guy did touch a woman, does this warrant a full blast attack, knee kicks to the groin etc, or wouldn't a strong empowered woman find a less violent way of getting out of this?

Her response seems to promote the "Bad Ass tough guy" kind of Krav Maga that we at IKI totally oppose. This was not a gang rape attempt, this was not anything more than a lame pickup attempt.

We continue...

Clearly the attempt here is to perpetuate the myth, to foreigners, that "all Israelis know Krav Maga", if only it were true. The truth is very few Israelis learn any Krav Maga at all. I know very few instructors who can make a living in Israel teaching Krav Maga, that is why they all go abroad, and sell these myths and stories. In recent months there have been many knife attacks, usually the targets were police officers and soldiers. None of them successfully used Krav Maga knife defenses, usually it was a third party who shot the assailant dead. So where is all the "Military Krav Maga" that we hear so much about??

Where? It is all a myth. Krav Maga training is sadly lacking in the Israeli law enforcement community, just as it is in most countries.

Videos such as these go viral on social media because they perpetuate a myth, nay a fantasy, that many have. Notice how it is always a pretty girl, usually with a pony tail, being harassed by men? And the sexy pretty girl uses "Krav Maga" to "teach the bad boy a lesson". Lets' call it what it is, entertainment, Hollywood fantasy. And trust me, this does not help normal women.

The title of the video says, She "Knows" Krav Maga. What does this mean? is she a black belt? a Master? a 10th dan? Personally I have never used that phrase. I say I train in Krav Maga, I teach Krav Maga, but I am always learning, I have not reached a state where I can say I "Know" Krav Maga. My own teacher, a world famous instructor and soldier never used that phrase. He would always say, we aim to minimize damage, he never claimed more than that.

So lets' leave fantasy for those who do it best, the guys in Hollywood, and let us, the instructors, keep working on real life practical self defense, the kind that will get regular people home safe. At home you can get a drink and enjoy this sort of entertainment.

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