Orange Belt Krav Maga Requirements

Striking Techniques

Palm strike

punch; jab, cross, upper cut

Forearm strikes

Defense Vs. Strikes

• Improvement of all techniques listed in Yellow Belt.

• Blocks - Understanding the IKI multi purpose block against all punches as explained on the Combatives DVD.

Basic defense against a kick to the body

Release Vs. Chokes and Grabs

Release from Head lock

Side release without take down

Release from Bear Hug, front and back.

Release from Head locks

Release from 'Full Nelson'

• Release from choke

Release from front choke, side and back.

 Escape from basic grappling holds

Side control (basic correct hand positions, bridge, shrimp, bring in close side leg to regain guard position)

Scarf hold (Kesa Gatame) (basic escape will be either eye gouge or neck push, trap head with legs, roll back and gain a side control position)

Mount - Understand this position and how to escape from it. 

Guard - Understand this position and how to escape from it.

Weapon Defense

verdediging tegen wapens -Verteidigung gegen Waffen

защита против оружия

defensa contra las armas

Knives - Mes - Messer- cuchillo - coltello - סכין

• Basic Knife Defense – All against a single attacker Overhead strike,

straight thrust to stomach

Ice pick attack

side attack low (to ribs),

side attack high (head)

Simple Knife threats  (see DVD defense vs. Knife Threats)

Vertical knife threat,

Horizal knife threat

knife in front of stomach.

Gun Threats

Gun to the head; arms length distance. Touching distance.

Gun to the back of the head

Gun to the stomach

(DVD Gun Defense Vol One)