Best Krav Training
By Moshe Katz

Getting the Most from Your Krav Maga Training

Getting the Most from your Krav Training

We have many Krav-On-Line members in countries all over the world. Some send in clips for evaluation, some don't. The program has proven successful but, there is no hiding the fact that if you really want the best – you will at some point need to do some in-person training with Moshe Katz.

During our recent Tour and Train Bjorn from Norway offered some valuable insight. I respect Bjorn a great deal; he has a certain quality about him, a quality that says, "I mean business".

He came to Israel all the way from Norway, he invested time and money and great physical efforts in his Krav Maga training. Even when we went out to celebrate his birthday he said he did not want to stay out to late, "I came to train, not to party".

He was surprised by how much time I spent on the internet answering questions about Krav Maga from people who never actually trained with me in person.

He felt that if you are serious you must do several things.

1. Learn the techniques, review the clips again and again, practice. Then review the clips again in slow motion, try to see what you might have missed the first time around. 2. Practice the techniques with another Krav student. Go full force, test it out and see how it works. Only then ask questions. First put the technique to the test, and then ask questions if need be. 3. Train with Moshe in Israel or in some other country.

Now I understand that it is not so easy for everyone to travel to another country to train, but it is a goal worth pursuing and there are several options. As the Talmud says, "According to the effort is the reward." Whatever you put into your Krav training – that is what you will get out it. Please do not ask for a rank if you know you have not put in the effort.

Some students come to Israel as part of our Tour and Train program, others come as individuals. Some invite me to their countries for seminars and some make an effort to attend seminars within reach of where they are.

My friend Stephan, for example, not only attended Tour and Train three times but also traveled from Germany to Holland and Switzerland for seminars. Tracy attended three Tour and Trains, plus she traveled to Norway. Not only is this a great way to improve your training but it is also a wonderful way to network and meet our Krav Maga instructors.

IKI Director Netherlands, Fred Heins, organized a five day seminar in Holland, to be honest it is a shame that many of our European members did not take advantage of this opportunity to train. As Bjorn will tell you – training in person raises you up to a whole new level, everything falls into place and the techniques make more sense. In person you can ask any questions you want and be answered at once. Sometimes that question will even lead to a new IKI technique.

IKI Director Ukraine faces quite a challenge. Ukraine's economy is not very strong. Many people do not earn a great deal of money, and yet he has organized three very successful seminars. As Theodore Herzl said, "If you will it – it is not a dream."

In Norway Morten Wang and his students put aside a little money every month so that they can sponsor an IKI seminar twice a year.

I am sure our members would be happy to share information on how to run a successful seminar.

When I was more in the training process I spared no effort or expense to get the best training. Each year I took one month off and traveled for training. I spent a month at the dojo of Shigeru Oyama , several visits to Wing Chun master Sifu Chun Kwok Chow, many visits to Professor Arthur Cohen in New York.

In California I trained with Benny The Jet Urquidez , and I spent several summers at Dr. Jerry Beasley Karate College where I gained tremendous martial arts experience. These visits helped create the depth that distinguishes IKI from other styles of Krav Maga. Our approach is not the same as the three week certification course offered by the Israel Defense Forces .

Our goal is to keep improving because there is so much at stake. We can never be content.