Know Your Own Hand
By Moshe Katz
Israeli Krav International

July 4, 2017, Qantas airlines, Melbourne - Hong Kong, flight 29

To know your own hand; so simple, so obvious, so critically important and yet something we tend to ignore.

Each of us has a unique hand, both figuratively and literally. An expert hand-reader can detect your individuality in your hand. But do we know our own hand or do we go chasing someone else's dream and expectations?

I was a young man and pondering what to study in college. And it never even occurred to me that college was not the only path in life. My dear Uncle Jack gave me sage advice; study what you enjoy and you will succeed.

I ignored his wisdom.

Instead I wanted to be practical. I spoke to my college advisor and asked for the most difficult course of study available in business school. He advised me to study Finance. If you asked me at the time what this entailed I would have had no idea. But I set out on a path of economics, econometrics, statistics and probability.

Life is our canvas and we are meant to create our own individual artwork yet most of us are content to copy the guy next to us and hope it all works out. We are not all the same. Some people cannot be confined to a 9 - 5 job, an office, a boss. Others must have this structure, this routine in their lives, without it they would fall apart. Some need houses while others need the open space. Qantas air gave us a wonderful movie, The Accountant, a boy with mild autism was rejected by some but others saw his potential. The mother described him as a "Problem" while the therapist called him "Remarkable". The parent asks, "Will he ever be able to lead a normal life?", the therapist replies, "Define normal?"

My normal is not your normal. We each have our own shoe size. You cannot expect me to be like you. I rather be a number one me than a second rate you.

What applies to life applies to self defense. We are not created equal. We must tailor our self-defense to our personalities, both physical and mental. We must be in sync with ourselves in all aspects of life.

Our style of Krav Maga will not expect you to become a different kind of person than you are. We will not expect you to transform yourself to the Hulk. We do not expect a mild mannered Clark Kent to become Superman. We work with you and help you become the best you that you can be.

I wrote this blog on a motion sickness bag provided by Qantas airlines. I also wrote down notes for new techniques to work on. Written on the bag is the phrase, "If affected by motion sickness please use this bag". Well now this bag contains three blogs, so I can "interpret" the bag's message as follows: Life is full of motion sickness, the movement of life, the turbulence of life might make you slightly sick at times. If you are affected in this way please use the bag, i.e. the blogs written on this bag, to help guide you to a healthier way of living, in tune with yourself, in sync with your psych. 

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