The Reality of Knife Awareness 
By Moshe Katz

December 29, 2013

A video was sent to me by one of our instructors in Michigan, USA. In Israel this sort of thing is so common that sadly it hardly makes news. Thank you to IKI Instructor Michael Weingartz for bringing this to our attention. Our response to this will be a series of video clips sent out to our members.

In this video clip an Arab girl is being stopped at a checkpoint for questioning. Sadly the police or military did not do their job properly and the girl had plenty of time to retrieve her knife from under her clothing and stab an armed police officer. He was down before he knew what hit him.

There are several myths busted here all at one time.

1. Israeli checkpoints are used to unnecessarily humiliate Arabs and Muslims (or the so called "Palestinians"). The checkpoints and roadblocks should all be removed for the sake of peace.

The Reality - If they would be removed there were be chaos, and blood would flow through the streets of Israel, as it has in the past. These security measures are essential for protecting all the residents of Israel and all our guests from all over the world. As a result Israel is a very safe place to visit.

2. All Israelis are highly trained Krav Maga experts, they all learn it in the army. Therefore any Israeli who did a three week course in the IDF is certainly qualified to start his or her own Krav Maga association, travel the world conducting Krav Maga seminars, and award ranks. I addition anyone who has ever served as a police officer or worked as a guard can claim "practical experience" and be recognized as an Israeli combat expert.

The Reality - The vast majority of Israelis have little or no Krav Maga training. Even the IDF instructors are on the whole extremely lacking.

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3. If you have mastered a martial art, or are a really tough Krav Maga guy, you will be able to defend against any street attack, whoa on the attacker!

Reality - Skill means a great deal less than practical awareness. All your skill is useless unless you are aware of your surroundings. In this case the police officer was stabbed from an angle, to the side, hitting a blind spot while he was focused on something else. If you are distracted - you cannot defend yourself.

At IKI our first lesson is in Awareness!

The defense here is really quite simple and builds on the same principles we use over and over again in our knife defense training. We work on making certain body movements instinctive, in fact we build on the body's natural instincts for self preservation, instincts you have since you are a small child.

But without awareness - you are a sitting duck.

Come train with us and learn how to handle this situation. It is simply a matter of your life.

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