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February 10, 2020, Destin, Florida, USA

I hope that a doctors decision to take up the study of medicine stems from a desire to cure the ill. I hope that รก teachers decision to train to be a teacher comes from a desire to educate the young, or the old. I hope that Krav Maga instructors pursue this calling as a way to help others.

And yet all of the above must also make a living. Even those that are blessed with an outside income, or a day job, still need to generate enough income to keep the dojo/training hall open. There are many expenses.

We'must be careful to retain our integrity. We must be careful never to lose sight of our original goal, the pure goal. 

When we look at the world, as Krav Maga instructors, we see so much pain, so much violence and victims of violence. We want to make a difference. We want to reach out to those in need of the training that we offer. 

We look at this "business" in terms of needs. We want to offer solutions to those in need. This is in full accordance with Biblical values. Capitalism is a Biblical value, caring for those in need is also a Biblical value. There is no shame in being rich and successful, but with it comes an obligation to help those in need.

The key word here is need. 

Now let's look at another approach, a word that rhymes with need - Greed! 

There are Krav Maga organizations that do not look to the masses of victims who need help. They are too difficult to reach. Those people for the most part are not aware of Krav Maga nor are they inclined to take up the study of Krav Maga. Simply put, the people who are truly in need of this training are difficult to reach. So from a business point of view, they are regarded as a waste of time. 

In terms of numbers your business adviser might put it this way: to attract a new student who has no interest in self defense (but a need for it) will cost you $2,000 in advertising expenses but to attract a guy who is already training in another school will cost you only $500 in offers. Throw in a free automatic rank advancement and you can see why these associations prefer to prey on existing schools rather than seek new students who really need the training.  

Business wise there is a better target group, a group that is very interested in Krav Maga, very interested in ranks and status and recognition, and they have more disposable income. These are the instructors in other organizations. So these greedy Krav Maga entrepreneurs seek out those instructors and schools who are already happily affiliated and satisfied with their current organization.  

In the business world this is called Head Hunting. You need a good accountant, you find one employed in some other successful company. Why seek out a college graduate in need of work when you can recruit an experienced accountant from another firm!

So that is what is done; these new associations offer attractive deals to instructors already affiliated. They attempt to lure them with offers of rank and status and business opportunities. 

They are all about the Greed, not the need.

How to Spot Them:

  • Pompous sounding names that imply government status. 
  • Several famous names designed to create the impression of a sort of elite governing body.
  • Offers of immediate rank recognition without proper training. i.e. no matter what your style, you will be offered immediate rank recognition of your current rank. 
  • Easy opportunity for rank advancement with payment. 
  • Status of regional director, or head instructor for a region.

from our Certification page

Please Note: IKI does not offer "rank recognition" 

There are associations that, for a fee, will award you a new rank from their organization equal to the rank you already possess, or higher.

IKI does not do this. Here you must earn your rank. 

We respect your previous rank and we want you to earn your rank with us (just as you did with your previous organization) so that you will respect this rank as well. 

If you are a 10th dan black belt in some other style you will still join IKI with no rank. If your previous training has value then it will help you progress rapidly with IKI. Please do not waste our time by making such a request.

Our instructor grading system is as follows:
Apprentice Instructor
Assistant Instructor
Associate Instructor
Full instructor.
Master Instructor

There is no rank skipping

We issue the Apprentice Instructor certification which entitles the instructor to use IKI student rank certificates (see fee below) and IKI gear and to promote his/her affiliation to IKI. With the rank of Apprentice Instructor (Known in the past as Phase One), one can teach IKI Krav Maga.

To qualify for Apprentice Instructor , one should have a solid command of IKI gun and knife disarms, these are very different from other styles of Krav Maga. One cannot call themselves an IKI instructor while teaching gun and knife disarms that we consider dangerous.

To qualify for Apprentice Instructor we will teach the instructor the basics through DVDs, clips and in person seminars/Tour and Train.

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