Krav Maga Student Page

The purpose of this page is to help IKI students to find useful information, hopefully in a very easy way.

Where do I find out what is expected for each rank?

Colored Belt Requirements

Krav Maga Yellow Belt

Krav Maga Orange Belt

Krav Maga Green Belt

Krav Maga Blue Belt

Krav Maga Brown Belt .

Krav Maga Black Belt

Where can I find out about IKI on line membership?

IKI Membership

Where can I find an instructor?

IKI Affiliates

Where can I learn about the true history of Krav Maga?

Krav Maga history

Where can I purchase IKI Krav Maga DVDs?

Krav Maga DVDs

Where can I purchase an IKI T shirt?

Krav Maga Shop

Can I come to train in Israel?

Yes, the best option is our Tour and Train program but private lessons and group lessons are also available.

See Tour and Train Israel Experience

Do I need to be an instructor or a black belt to participate in Tour and Train?

Answer: No, it is open to all. We can handle many different levels at the same time.

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